2/24/24 – MS Girls Basketball @ Wheeler Tournament

Photo Credit Theresa Conroy

Mariners’ Season Comes to an End with 3rd Place Finish at Wheeler Tournament

The team played a total of 4 games in the tournament. The first two wins over Gordon and The Lincoln School set the team up to play in the Championship pool. Unfortunately, they met a tough UCAP school that scored from all areas on the court and lost a close game against Moses Brown. With both of these losses, the team took home a respectable Third place out of nine schools.

Under the leadership of Emma Morrison ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) and Brenna Samponaro ’28 (Wakefield, RI), the team fought hard in every game. Both players brought the ball down the floor and worked hard to break the press. Emma was the leading scorer for our team in the tournament. The strong down-low play was led by Chelsey Clements ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) and Ivy Tandon ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) who were called upon to box out and grab rebounds. The remaining players, Ruby Boesch ’28 (East Greenwich, RI), Olivia Micklich ’29 (Saunderstown, RI), and Ava Blair ’29 (East Greenwich, RI) assisted in hustle plays, passing the ball, and playing solid defense.

Overall the team played aggressively, fought hard, and should be proud of the third-place finish. Great season Mariners!

2/15/24 – MS Girls Basketball Vs. Round Robin (Wheeler & St Michaels Country Day)

Photo Credit Dawn Temple

Mariners Go 2-0 in Round Robin with Warriors and SMCD


Our Middle School girls took to the court in their 3rd mini-tournament of the season, matched up in this one against St Michaels’s and Wheeler.

Our first group played great defense against a tall and talented opponent, showing improved awareness and positioning from prior games. Maddie Gustavel ’29 (North Kingstown, RI), Olivia Micklich ’29 (Saunderstown, RI) and Ava Blair ’29 (East Greenwich, RI) all had great moments denying St Michael’s in important moments while Emma Morrison ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) and Brenna Samponaro ’28 (Wakefield, RI) led the charge on offense while playing their normal, lockdown defense. It was a great 16-9 team win for the girls in this one.

Our second group came out with great energy and teamwork and also got the W, taking down Wheeler, 13-7. Ella Wearmouth ’29 (East Greenwich, RI) had a really big game with Everleigh Pascale ’30 (Newport, RI), Charlotte McGinn ’29 (Exeter, RI), Jordan Bradley ’30 (Wakefield, RI), Juliana Sardelli ’30 (Warwick, RI), Lucy Wilhelm ’29 (North Kingstown, RI), Serena Ya ’30 (Cranston, RI) all playing great defense! Multiple players showed up in the scorebook in this one and it was a great team win with energy and support everywhere!!!

We have an end of season middle school tournament next weekend for part of our group and the remaining players will wrap up the season in our “Blue vs White” game on February 27th. It’s been a great season so far with a 5-0-1 record and the girls have all improved so much!!

1/30/24 – MS Girls Basketball Vs. Round Robin: PCD & Meadowbrook

Mariners A & B Teams Have Strong Performances in “Round Robin” Games with Knights & Meadowbrook

ROCKY HILL “A” – 14, PCD – 12

Since this was an “A” schedule game, the players for Rocky Hill were mainly 7th and 8th graders. It was a back-to-back scoring game with Rocky Hill pulling out the win 14-12. The team was led by Emma Morrison ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) and Brenna Samponaro ’28 (Wakefield, RI). Besides being floor leaders, both players led the team with scoring and rebounding. Their communication helped Ruby Boesch ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) be a leader in the guard strength and Chelsey Clements ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) on the defensive end. Overall, it was a well-played game on both team’s efforts and exciting right to the end.

RHCD vs. Meadowbrook:
This was a “B” schedule game, so the players for this game were mainly 6th and 7th graders. The final score ended tied 14 for both teams. Rocky Hill quickly fell behind and had to regroup and increase our defensive skills to get back into the game. After a few steals at half-court led by Ava Blair ’29 (East Greenwich, RI) and Olivia Micklich ’29 (Saunderstown, RI), the RHCD players took control and tied the game. Maddie Gustavel ’29 (North Kingstown, RI) held strong in the paint and Ella Wearmouth ’29 (East Greenwich, RI) grabbed a few rebounds. However, none of the baskets fell and the game ended in a tie.

1/11/24 – MS Girls Basketball Vs. Round Robin (Lincoln School & Hope/Grace)

Mariners Secure Two Victories in Opening 2024 Round Robin Play


Our Rocky Hill Middle School Girls Basketball team got their season going with 2 matchups in a new mini-tournament format that included the Lincoln School and the Grace/Hope School.

Our girls have been working really hard in practice and came out showing poise and confidence to pace the team to two wins, 12-4 and 14-9, which were built off of their strong man to man defense and their transition offense. Emma Morrison ’28 (East Greenwich, RI) led the way offensively but we also saw baskets from Chelsea Clements ’28 (East Greenwich, RI), Brenna Samponaro ’28 (Wakefield, RI) and Charlotte McGinn ’29 (Exeter, RI). Defensively, Emma and Brenna shined but we saw some great moments from Ava Blair ’29 (East Greenwich, RI), Maddie Gustavel ’29 (North Kingstown, RI), Olivia Micklich ’29 (Saunderstown, RI) and Ivy Tandon ’28 (East Greenwich, RI), as well!

It was a great day for the girls who have been consistently improving in practice! The team has their next mini-tournament scheduled for Tuesday, January 30th and another 3v3 intra-squad scrimmage which will be scheduled soon.

2/25/23 – MS Girls Basketball vs MS Basketball Tournament

Mariners Play Tough with Resiliency and Show Growth in MS Tournament


In their final few games of the season, the Rocky Hill Middle School girls’ team went into the annual Land of Fires tournament with an eagerness to succeed.

Early on while looking at their schedule, it was known that the team was going to have to give it their all in order to advance. Going into the first game against Blackstone Valley Prep, the 10 am start time meant a sluggish start. The game quickly picked up pace and the Mariners were neck and neck right up to the end where BVP went on a run leaving the final score 37-48, BVP.

For their second game, there was the same type of story. Slow start, but a close game. During the first half, the Mariner’s defense slowed down Community Prep while their offense struggled. The second held the same issues with getting something going on offense, which allowed Community Prep to go on a run to end the game 27-17.

At the end of the day, the girls fought hard and valiantly in both games, and should be proud of all the hard work they put in this season!

2/14/23 – MS Girls Basketball vs. Times2/PaulCuffee B

Mariners Play a Competitive Game Against the Times2/PaulCuffee Co-op


In their matchup Tuesday against Times 2/Paul Cuffee, the Rocky Hill Mariners fought a tough battle throughout the entirety of the game.

In undoubtedly their best and most hard-fought game of the season, the final score read 19-25, Times 2/Paul Cuffee. The score, however, did not reflect the game, whose intense energy was felt throughout the Sharpe gymnasium thanks to the back-and-forth matchup.

Contributions from the entire team both offensively and defensively were apparent, and the hustle and energy spread throughout the bench. Defense from Abby Millard ‘27 (East Greenwich, RI), Ivy Tandon ‘28 (East Greenwich, RI), and Chelsea Clements ‘28 (East Greenwich, RI) helped get the team their start defensively; while the Mariners patiently worked offensively and got to the basket.

Despite their loss, the Mariners are left with a positive attitude and look forward to next week which holds their final regular season game.

2/11/23 – MS Girls Basketball @ Block Island

Mariners Face Tough Competition in Game at Hurricanes


In their game Saturday afternoon on Block Island, the Mariners fell short to the Hurricanes 7-20. As the team boarded the ferry earlier that morning, there was excitement paired with nervousness for the game ahead. Some of those nerves remained through the first half of the game, however, giving the team a rocky start.

Going into halftime, the score read 4-8 thanks to cohesive team defense led again by Abby Millard ‘27 (East Greenwich, RI) and Rose Bouvier ‘30 (Wakefield, RI) from the Mariners and tough defense and pressing on the Hurricane’s side.

The game soon got away from the Mariners in the second half, and Block Island went on a 10-0 run throughout the majority of the half while Rocky Hill struggled to get something going offensively.

Despite their loss, the Mariners look ahead to their game Tuesday, as they take on Times 2/Paul Cuffee at 3:30 in the Sharpe Gymnasium.

2/9/23 – MS Girls Basketball @ Wheeler

Mariners Secure Strong Victory Over Warriors


On Thursday night, Rocky Hill Middle School Girls’ basketball took on the Wheeler Warriors, and came out on top 24-14.

The game started for the Mariners on a 6-0 run, helped by their defense and offensive patience. Both teams struggled to get shots up for the remainder of the half, however, and going into half time, the score read 4-12, Mariners.

Led by Rose Bouvier ‘30 (Wakefield, RI) and Abby Millard ‘27 (East Greenwich, RI), the Mariners highlighted their defensive strength and rebounding for the entirety of the game.

Looking ahead, the Mariners face Block Island Saturday afternoon at 1 pm and hope to finish out their final few games strong as they slowly close out their season.

1/31/23 – MS Girls Basketball vs PCD

Mariners Suffer Valiant Loss in Rematch with Strong Knights

ROCKY HILL – 5, PCD – 16

In their rematch Tuesday night against PCD, the Mariners fell to the Knights 5-16. In the first half, both teams struggled to get anything going.

The score going into the second half read 2-4, and both defenses contributed to that. Tight defense led by Ivy Tandon ‘28 (East Greenwich, RI) and Abby Millard ‘27 (East Greenwich, RI) for the Mariners helped them keep the game close as they attempted to get something going on offense.

It was during the second half where the game got away from the Mariners, and PCD went on an early 8-0 offensive run in the half to secure their win. Looking forward, the Mariners are eager to get back to practice to prepare them for their game Thursday, February 9th at 4 against Wheeler.

1/27/23 – MS Girls Basketball @ St. Michael’s Country Day

Mariners Put it all Together in Victory Over St. Michael’s


After their game on Friday against St. Michael’s, the Mariners improve to a 2-1 record.

Beginning the game, the team was nervous going in with only six players. However, that nervousness disappeared quickly after starting the game on a 6-0 run.

The Mariners quickly picked up speed thanks to Brenna Samponaro ‘28 (Wakefield, RI), who ended the game with an impressive 21 points.

In the second half, the team turned to their strong suit, and effectively applied their defense, holding St. Michael’s to only 4 points.

After their 27-10 win, the Mariners look ahead to Tuesday’s game against PCD at 4.