2/7/19 – MS Boys A Basketball @ BCA

MS A Team Calls Up Some B Team Players for Game

  • RHS 33 and  BCA 44

The Rocky Hill boys middle school basketball A-Team had a chance to meet the incoming sixth graders for next year. The A-Team introduced themselves and said something that they have learned and what their favorite memories are throughout their years of being on both A and B squads. We showed them our game day warm-up at first and then we showed them our workout before getting water. Then we split up into even teams and played a little round robin scrimmage. To finish off we played a quick game of knockout. Overall the boys were able to show the incoming sixth graders how practices run and that they have enjoyed their time on both A and B teams.

2/14/19 – MS Boys A Basketball v Gordon

Boys’ Show Great Resiliency and Pride in Home Game vs Gordon

  • RHS 35 and  Gordon 45
  • Derek Block 12pts, Hadley Martinez 8pts

The Rocky Hill boys middle school basketball A-Team hosted Gordon for the second time this season. In the first half the boys scored 19 points and 16 in the second. Will Haney had a great two pointer and hit one from the free throw line. Will also had a handful of clutch rebounds. Ben Lawson also stepped up with his season best six points and a great block and few important rebounds. Alex Lehouiller finished the day with a steal, a block, and six points. Andrew Corsi had a great block and played solid defense. Hadley Martinez and Derek Block were our leading scorers for the day. Hadley finished with eight points and Derek with twelve. Unfortunately the boys were not able to hold on and lost 45-35. This was a great improvement from their first clash with Gordon.

2/4/19 – MS Boys A Basketball @ Pine Point

MS Boys A With a Strong Showing in Victory

  • RHS 40 and Pine Point 22
  • Derek Block – 12 points

The Rocky Hill middle school boys basketball A-Team traveled to Pine point for their fourth game of the season. The boys ran a box and one defense. Brennan Hill and Colin Zito we’re assigned the task to shut down Pine Point’s best player. They held him to zero points. Colin finished the day with two points and Brennan with four points. Andrew Hogan scored two points in the second half and had a rebound. Hadley Martinez had four points and five rebounds. Derek Block had twelve points and four rebounds. Ben Lawson had four points and two rebounds. Alex Lehouiller was 100% from the foul line. He completed eight foul shots. He also had four points from the field and nailed a three pointer. He finished the day with a total of 15 points.

The boys are now 2-2 a great improvement from last year. The final score was 40-22 Rocky Hill for the win.

The boys will play their next game away at Barrington Christian Academy.

1/28/19 – MS Boys A Basketball v St. Michael’s Country Day

Boy’s A Middle School With Their First Win of the Season!

  • RHS 28 and  Community Prep 25
  • Brennan Hill – 9 points

The Rocky Hill boys middle school basketball A-Team hosted St. Michaels on Monday, January 28 2019. The boys scored first but St. Michaels battled back. Our boys ran a press for the first half and held St. Michaels to 13 points to our seven. At halftime we decided to change the game plan. We chose to run a box and one on their best player and abandon our press. This change proved to be a benefit and the boys battled back. The boys scored 21 points in the second and held St. Michaels to just twelve.

The game came down to the wire. St. Michaels had the lead and ball with under a minute left. The boys never gave up and were able to take the lead in the final seconds of the game. Hadley Martinez had six points from the field and two points from the foul line. Derek Block had six points as well and a crucial shot from the free throw line. Alex Lehouiller had two steals, two rebounds and two clutch points from the free throw line. Colin Zito had two points and played great defense on their best playing while running the box and one. Brennan Hill had eight points and a completed foul shot as well. The boys won their first game of the season and are now 1-2 overall. The final score was 28-25.

Next week, the boys will travel to Pine Point!

1/22/19 – MS Boys A Basketball v Community Prep

Boy’s A Middle School – Come up short in second game of the season

  • RHS 24 and  Community Prep 43
  • Derek Block – 8 points, 2 rebounds and a steal & 50% from the foul line.

The Rocky Hill boys middle school basketball A-Team hosted Community Prep, Monday January 21st. Ben Lawson had a great three point play in the first half that fired everyone up. He was fouled while making his layup and completed his free throw. Ben also had two rebounds. Colin Zito had a rebound. Will Hogan had a rebound. Nate Lee had a rebound and made on of his foul shots. Andrew Hogan had a rebound and a steal. Andrew Corsi had a block. Derek Block had eight points, two rebounds and a steal. He was also 50% from the foul line. Brennan had two rebounds and two steals. Hadley Martinez had four points, three rebounds and a steal. Alex Lehouiller had four rebounds, two blocks, two steals, six total points with two from the foul line. Alex was also 50% from the free throw line. The boys had a slow start to the first half. They ran a box in one on CP best player and held him to ten points. The boys moved the ball well up top but were not as successful getting it down low for higher percentage shots. They came out much stronger in the second half and went on an eight point run. It was not enough however they never gave up. The final score was 24-43 Community Prep.

Next week, the boys will face St. Michael’s at home on Monday!

1/17/19 – Boys MS A Basketball @ Gordon

Opening game of the season!

  • RHS 25, Gordon 61
  • Derick Block 10 points and 3 blocks; Hadley Martinez 7 points

Derick Block and Hadley Martinez both were a serious threat down-low with multiple rebounds and points inside and outside of the offensive paint. Alex Lehouiller, Brennan Hill and Colin Zito worked the ball quickly on offense and played ferociously on defense with a handful of steals. Alex had 2 points from the field and 2 completed shots from the foul line. Ben Lawson had 2 points, 2 blocks and a rebound. Brennan had 2 steals and a block. Colin had an assist and 2 rebounds.

Next week, the boys will face Community Prep at home on Tuesday!

2/27/18 – MS Boys A BB vs. MS Tournament

Game 1: 25-18 Win

The boys pressed Community Prep well and forced multiple turnovers. Garrett, Drew and Davis led the team in steals. Fine led the team in rebounds and had four points. Drew also stepped up big on defense and was a big rebound contributor as well. Davis lead the team in scoring and was effective from the foul line. The boys won and advanced. The final score was 25-18.

Game 2: 35-25 Loss

The boys played Blackstone Valley Prep in the final game of the night. We changed our defense early on because BVP was getting the ball in low to their big man. We were able to neutralize that area but then it opened up a vulnerability at the arc. The boys handled the press as a team and get the ball into the paint on offense. Marshall and Corsi finished the game with three steals and four points. Fine played tough on offense and defense when we needed it. Sonny and Anand had two points and two rebounds. The boys were not able to hang on but they played hard until the final whistle. The final score was 25-35.

2/13/18 – MS Boys A BB vs. San Miguel

20-42 Win

The boys played San Miguel at home. San Miguel pressed early on and the boys were able to break it. Davis Lee and Garret Corsi handled the ball well in key situations. They and found Bennett, Drew and Hadley down low for easy lay ups. The first half the boys trailed by ten. Sonny hit a long three early in the second half to fire the boys up. Jay and Jack each had three rebounds and four points. Anand and Bennett both had four points and two steals. Drew had three blocks, eight rebounds and six points. The boys finished the day with 20 points and held San Miguel to only 42. The final score was 42-20.

2/8/18 – MS Boys A BB @ BCA

32-45 Loss

The boys played Barrington Christian Academy. We were down a couple key players. Fortunately Bennett fine, Anand Basu and Garrett Corsi, Drew, Jay and Ben stepped up. Anand and Garrett had four steals on defense and six points each from the field. Drew, Jay and Bennett held down the paint on defense. Drew had two blocks, six rebounds and eight points. Bennett had five blocks, two points and 7 rebounds. Jay had one block, two rebounds and six points. The final score was 45 to 32 Barrington Christian Academy.

2/1/18 – MS Boys A BB vs. Moses Brown A

29-60 Loss

The boys hosted Moses Brown. Davis Lee finished with 25 points. He had eight points from the free-throw line, 14 from the field and one three pointer. Bennett Fine had four boards and three blocks. Garrett Corsi finished with three steals and six points. Jack Wu and Jay Park both had two rebounds and two blocks. Drew Tamburini ended the day with three steals, six rebounds and four points. Overall the boys hung in there and never gave up. The final score was 60-29 Moses Brown.