5/8/24 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse @ Eagle Hill

Photo Credit Craig Brown

Mariners Hit the Road and Earn Tough Fought Victory Over Pioneers to Seal the Regular Season Title


After being delayed due to lightning our guys came out a little slow but we adjusted as the game went on. Eagle hill was very physical but we just kept our heads up, played our game and kept pouring in the goals.

At the end of the game, Eagle hill rallied and scored a couple quick goals off of some questionable calls. Unfortunately for them it was a little too late in the game and we closed out the game to become regular season champs.

Mariners prepare for a non conference battle at MPrep on Saturday before the SENE playoffs begin next Monday.

5/4/24 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse @ Dublin

Photo Credit Craig Brown

Mariners Journey to NH and Earn Conference Victory Over Wildcats


Dublin got some favorable calls all game and we hand to play short handed, which kept the game close in the first half. After opening the second half with a 2 goal lead we continued to pour it on methodically throughout the game; eventually opening up a ten goal lead and ending the game.

Next game is our final league game before playoffs on Wednesday at Eagle Hill!

5/1/24 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse Vs. St. Andrew’s

Photo Credit Craig Brown

Mariners Face Tough Battle on Senior Night and Score Key Victory Over Saints


Playing St. Andrews a second time was a battle. The game went back and forth the entire time. Unfortunately there was a little scuffle that landed us short handed for a bit. In the end, we weathered the storm and finished with a 10-8 win after a game clinching goal with 15 seconds left.

Next up is a league battle up at Dublin on Saturday.

4/26/24 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse Vs Eagle Hill

Photo Credit Craig Brown

Mariners Come Out Hard and Prevail Over Pioneers in SENE Battle of Unbeatens


Eagle hill stood no chance our guys were ready and focused from the start once again. By half time it was 16-2 and we started to rest our banged up players.

Everyone got in the game and made a huge contribution especially our senior goalie Wesley Gould ’24 (Cumberland, RI) who stepped up to play goalie for the first time ever. Helping us improve to 3-0 in league play.

Next up is the senior game on Wednesday vs SENE rival St. Andrew’s.

4/20/24 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse vs. Dublin

Photo Credit Craig Brown

Mariners are Dominant Start to Finish in Conference Victory Over Wildcats


The Mariners started and stayed Dominant from start to finish. We remembered Owen Zimmer ’24 (East Greenwich, RI) at the beginning of the game with the girls team and fans.

Our guys were very hyped for their first home game, and it really felt as if we were playing man-up the whole game. Pretty much anyone that took a shot got a goal in this one. Also I was very proud of the way our kids handled themselves and the game with class. Dublin was a worthy opponent, but we had everything working in our favor on this day.

Shout out to Wesley Gould ’24 (Cumberland, RI) for locking down the net and making some big saves in absence of our starting goalie.

4/17/24 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse @ St. Andrew’s

Photo Credit Craig Brown

After a Slow Start Mariners Take Over in Second Half Over Saints


Even down a man the entire game and sometimes two,  St. Andrew’s put up a huge fight holding us to a 4-2 lead going into halftime.

Our guys rallied and settled into our game plan and started to pull away, eventually put them away with a dominant 4th quarter. Kian Garcia ’25 (Kingston, RI) with 4 goals. Great work behind the pipes by Aber He ’24 (East Greenwich, RI).

Next game is a conference game against the Dublin Wildcats.

4/12/24 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse @ Williams

Photo Credit Craig Brown

Mariners Succumb to Tough Blues Squad in Season Opener


The game started rough with Williams leading 10-0 after 1q. Shaking off the rust, our team rallied back and played them even 6-6 over the next three quarters!

Kian Garcia ’26 (Kingston, RI) had two goals Cole Brown ’24 (Saunderstown, RI), Luke Lehouiller ’26 (Saunderstown, RI), Tate Webster ’24 (East Greenwich, RI) and Aiden Royce ’26 (North Kingstown, RI) had one goal each.

Hayden Taveras ’24 (Coventry, RI) and Naseem Ankoma ’26 (Providence, RI) were dominant at the faceoff x and not one player was discouraged or gave up. Super proud of how they played against a strong Williams team. Looking forward to our approaching SENE games this week against St. Andrew’s and Dublin!

5/19/23 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse @ Wheeler

Mariners Travel to Warriors for Post Season Non-League Game


A season finale against Wheeler summed up what has been a strange season for the Rocky Hill Boys Varsity Lacrosse team. With many injuries through the regular season, we rescheduled a game after the championship over in Seekonk at the Wheeler School athletic facilities. While on paper, one we should have been more competitive in was ultimately a tough final test on Wheeler’s senior night and the Mariners fell short 11-3.

This was a great chance to see growth from the team as it was clear that each player that touched the field today has seen growth in different areas of their game. A few players had opportunities to try a few different positions but one of the most impressive parts of today’s game was seeing a discouraged team come together with a few momentum shifts and bring some great positive energy to the end. Jackson Davis ’26 (North Kingstown, RI) stepped up and made some huge saves in only his second full game in net. His effective use of the kick save galvanized our team and frustrated Wheeler to no end. It’s hard to say that our defense played outstandingly when you lose the game, but the trio of Tate Webster ’24 (East Greenwich, RI), Biagio DiCenso ’24 (East Greenwich, RI), and Masiah Prak-Preaster ’25 (Coventry, RI) held it down and turned away a lot of threats before shots could be taken. Jacob Lax ’26 (Hope, RI), usually part of this group, was also showing his skills in the midfield after starting the game at defense and helped initiate some great ball movement on offense during the later part of the game. With only three goals, there wasn’t a lot of offense to look back on but yet again, Kian Garcia ’26 (Kingston, RI) (1 goal) was a force. Constantly taking on defenders at the point of attack, Kian leveraged his size and speed to get to shooting spaces and putting pressure on a very talented Wheeler goalie.

Not the way that we wanted to end the season, but the boys put in a lot of work to get to this space. If we redo the season and everyone is healthy for each game, I think this time of the year we have a very different conversation. Overall, we’ve seen growth and high highs of success and team effort. The coaches want to thank our seniors Brayden Segerson ’23 (Portsmouth, RI) (1 goal) and Liam Royce ’23 (North Kingstown, RI) for all of their efforts over the year as leaders as well as Tate as our three captains this season.

Other point scorers:
Aidan Royce ’26 (North Kingstown, RI) (1 goal)

5/17/23 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse @ St. Andrew’s (SENE Championship)

Mariners Fall in SENE Championship to Tough Saints Team


In what seemed an inevitable showdown, the #2 seed Mariners made the trip to Barrington to face the #1 St. Andrew’s School Saints in the SENE Championship game. The game had all the makings of a showdown the likes we didn’t see in either of the first two matchups. With the fullest roster we’d started a game with, and our team gelling at the right time, our kids got off the bus confident that we had a chance to take this game. Despite a strong 1st and 4th quarters of play, St. Andrew’s transition game proved to be too much and we fell 15-7 to finish as runners up for the 2023 SENE Championship.

In what was an unusual turn for this squad, we were first on the board. Usually it takes us a bit to get going but we held strong on the defensive end and Brayden Segerson ’23 (Portsmouth, RI) (1 goal, 1 assist) ripped one of his finest of the season top corner to get the game going. Heading into the second quarter down 2-1, we felt confident and ready to play more lacrosse. We succeeded in staying out of the box as St. Andrew’s took a lot of penalties early and that momentum kept play even.

Heading into the second, we struggled to cover the transition game which has been a hallmark of St. Andrew’s success in each matchup this year. Getting out in space and outrunning us to our spots, they scored a bunch of goals in rapid succession that took the fight out of the team into halftime. With some hanging heads, the captains pulled the group together and got back out on the field and kept grinding away. Naseem Ankoma ’26 (Providence, RI) played tenacious defense on the face off and while he rarely won the clamp against a solid opponent, he harassed him in transition and often forced a turnover that allowed him to race the ball back downfield to give us a chance on offense. Hayden Taveras ’24 (Coventry, RI) and Masaiah Prak Preaster ’25 (Coventry, RI) were huge on the defensive end and made plays to help bring the team back in the 4th quarter. The scoreboard doesn’t lie, but as a team we won the 4th quarter and the coaches are so proud of the fight this team showed. Led by transition play from Tate Webster ’24 (East Greenwich, RI) and Biagio DiCenso ’24 (East Greenwich, RI) (1 assist) the midfielders kept hustling and got the ball to our attack. Owen Zimmer ’25 (East Greenwich, RI) (2 assists) started firing the ball on net forcing the defense to adjust and gave Kian Garcia ’26 (Kingston, RI) (5 goals) the space to go to work. He consistently won the leverage battle against his defenders no matter who tried to cover him and he won a lot of battles late game. The Saints had no answers for him to the point where their top defender almost fouled out of the game and was benched at the end trying to contain Kian.

It was too little too late, and hats off to a great season for St. Andrew’s, but the fire shown in the 4th quarter was great to see. It’s the culmination of a lot of work and growth this season and we look forward to everything that will come together in our final game this Friday against Wheeler school.

5/15/23 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse vs Dublin (SENE Semi Final)

Mariners Take Down Wildcats in SENE Semi Final and Cash Their Ticket to the Championship


The Mariners are on to the SENE Championship! With a resounding 14-3 victory over Dublin, Rocky Hill is moving on. While there is still room for improvement this game showed just how much this team has improved over the season. Every player touched the field for our final home game and it was great to do this in front of a wonderful home crowd of family, faculty, and some lacrosse alumni back from college. Despite allowing the first goal of the game, we never hung our heads and rattled off 5 straight goals in the first quarter and never looked back.

There were lots of highlights to this game and most of it was the speed at which we played. We can’t talk about speed and not mention Naseem Ankoma ’26 (Providence, RI) (2 goals, 1 assist) who was nearly 100% on faceoffs today and used his feet to create shooting lanes and capitalized on his positioning. Players on the back end helped to create turnovers and this was highlighted by some great stick checks from Jacob Lax ’26 (Hope, RI) and nice runs upfield by Biagio DiCenso ’24 (East Greenwich, RI) (1 assist).

With nearly our full roster on the bench, it was great to see the scoring spread out and a lot of assisted goals. Cole Brown ’24 (Saunderstown, RI) (2 goals, 2 assists) was facilitating and driving his offensive play continuing his efforts from last game. He was given a lot of space because of the offensive threats from Brayden Segerson ’23 (Portsmouth, RI) (2 goals, 3 assists) and Kian Garcia ’26 (Kingston, RI) (3 goals) including Kian laying out in front of the net to wrap the ball around the goalie for a score that was a decisive moment early on for this team. Liam Royce ’23 (North Kingstown, RI) (3 goals) continued to be a force playing almost the entire first half and making smart decisions all over the field. While challenged sparingly, Aidan Royce ’26 (North Kingstown, RI) played a great game in goal and even made a great run bringing the ball all the way down the field and drawing a penalty to help seal the game for us near the end.

We have one more practice before getting back on the bus across the state for a rematch with St. Andrew’s for the SENE championship. With everyone finishing the game healthy, we’re excited for this rematch as we close in on the end of the season with high hopes.

Other point scorers:
Owen Zimmer ’25 (East Greenwich, RI) (1 goal)
Hayden Taveras ’24 (Coventry, RI) (1 goal)