2/25/19 – MS Boys A Basketball @ Land of Fires Tournament

2019 MS Boys Land of Fires Basketball Tournament

  • RHS 20 and San Miguel 49
  • RHS 38 and Community Prep 39

The Rocky Hill boys middle school basketball A-Team hosted San Miguel in the annual Land of Fires tournament. We ran a box and one with Derek Block shutting off their best player. Then we changed it up to a man defense to give San Miguel a different look. Hadley Martinez and Brennan Hill finished the day with four points each. Will Hanney fired the boys up in the second half with a clutch two pointer off of an offensive rebound. BJ Kerachsky also scored two in the second half that kept the fire alive. Unfortunately it was not enough to beat San Miguel. The final score was 49-20.

The Rocky Hill boys middle school basketball A-Team hosted Community Prep. in the annual Land of Fires tournament. We ran a box and one on Community Prep. Brennan Hill and Colin Zito both took turned guarding number 5. It created a disruption in their offense and have our boys more opportunities to force turnovers. Alex Lehouiller started the boys offense off with a great three pointer early in the game. He finished the day with his season best ten points. Derek Block also finished with his season best, 18 points. Hadley Martinez finished with six points, Brennan three and Ben Lawson two. Overall the game was back and forth until the final minutes. The pressure from the press cause us to lose focus and turn the ball over. The final score was 39-38.

2/21/19 – MS Girls Basketball v Times2

Girl’s Middle School – Seventh game of the season!

  • RHS 21 and Times2 32

The whole team did a great job being strong and not becoming frustrated. There was a definite size difference between the two teams, but we went out and played tough and strong. Tina Greim played a wonderful game offensively. Skye Connell had her best game of the season both offensively and defensively. The eighth graders led us the team, but the sixth graders showed their strength by jumping into the game and playing tough. The team was very proud of how they played this game as they should be. Great work!

2/21/19 – MS Boys A Basketball v Times2

Times2 Gets the Better of the Mariners

  • RHS 30 and  BCA 43
  • Derek Block & Ben Lawson 8pts each

The boys middle school basketball A-Team hosted Times 2 for their final regular season game of the year. They fought hard on defense as they did their best to shut off Times2’s best player. Colin Zito and Brennan Hill shares the responsibility in doing so. Brennan finished the day with two points and Colin nailed a three in the second half to keep the boys fired up. Hadley Martinez also hit a three pointer and finished the day with a total of seven points. Andrew Corsi finished the day with two points. Derek Block and Ben Lawson were the leading scorers of the day each with eight points.

Unfortunately it was not enough for Times 2 and the boys fell just short.

2/2/19 – MS Boys B Basketball – B Level “PLAY DAY”

MS B Level “Play Day” Success!

On Saturday, 5 MS Boys B players showed up to play against Paul Cuffee and Community Prep in a MS B level “Play Day”. The day was set up so that the kids could see more playing time and oh did they ever! At times joining forces with other teams, BJ Kerachsky, Jonathan Riley, Justin Onysko, Boden Dair and Akbar Askarov got plenty of exercise.

2/13/19 – Girls Varsity Basketball v Bancroft

Lady Mariners Lose a Tough Up-Game to Bancroft on Senior Night

  • RHS 30, Bancroft 50

The Mariners kept up with Class D Bancroft for most of the second half. The first half, however was a struggle as the girls came out a bit flat.

“Tonight we played a quality opponent and our inexperience and youth showed.  When we aren’t scoring we still need to defend at a high level and we just didn’t play focused on the defensive end of the floor and the game got away from us after half time.” said coach Tobey

2/20/19 – Girls Varsity Basketball v PCD (SENE Semifinal)

Hard Fought SENE Semifinal Loss

  • RHS 36, PCD 45

The lady Mariners fell behind in the first half. They took many shots, however, few fell for points. In the second half, the play was much more in RHS favor. However, the hole they dug in the first half was not surmountable.

“Although we didn’t get the outcome we wanted tonight I am very proud of this team. These young ladies surprised me, the SENE and the whole Rocky Hill community with the success we had. We learned a lot this year, not only about basketball but about true effort, pride and resiliency! I am thrilled with where we are taking this program! Great students, great parents and a great administration are this programs backbone!” said coach Tobey

Time to prep for next year!

2/14/19 – MS Boys B Basketball v Gordon

History Repeats Itself in Battle v Gordon

  • RHS 10 and Gordon 46
  • Boden Dair 4pts; BJ Kerachsky 4pts

The middle school boys B team hosted Gordon on Valentines Day feeling great after their first win. The boys lost to Gordon the first game of their season 7 to 34 so they were eager for another shot. They kept it close for the first 8 minutes of the game only down 10-4 but Gordon’s number 7 took over and scored 10 points before the half ended. Although they lost 46 to 10, the boys looked tremendously more composed and organized than the first game against Gordon. As always the Mariners played great defense with James Tillinghast and Dudley Samponaro recording 3 steals each. Biagio DeCenso and Massimo DeCenso held the paint down recording 7 and 4 rebounds respectively. BJ Kerachsky and Boden Dair were the teams leading scorers, both with 4 points.

Next week the boys have their last game of the season against Times Two Academy.

2/7/19 – MS Boys B Basketball @ BCA

B Team Gets its First Win!

  • RHS 23 and  BCA 21
  • Boden Dair 6pts; BJ Kerachsky 8pts

The boys grabbed their first victory of the season in a close one against Barrington Christian Academy. The boys B team has played great defense throughout the season and tonight was no different. With the team missing their seventh graders due to a field trip, the sixth grade boys had to step up and they did in a big way. James Tillinghast was the heart of the team recording 10 steals, 3 points, and 3 assist. The offense was lead by Boden Dair and BJ Kerachsky who had 6 and 8 points respectively. Boden also had the play of the game with a James-Harden-like step back three. The game came down to the wire and the boys held onto their lead to secure their first win.

Next week the boys host Gordon and look to start a winning streak.

2/7/19 – MS Boys A Basketball @ BCA

MS A Team Calls Up Some B Team Players for Game

  • RHS 33 and  BCA 44

The Rocky Hill boys middle school basketball A-Team had a chance to meet the incoming sixth graders for next year. The A-Team introduced themselves and said something that they have learned and what their favorite memories are throughout their years of being on both A and B squads. We showed them our game day warm-up at first and then we showed them our workout before getting water. Then we split up into even teams and played a little round robin scrimmage. To finish off we played a quick game of knockout. Overall the boys were able to show the incoming sixth graders how practices run and that they have enjoyed their time on both A and B teams.