MSWA for the Week of April 9

Navigator, Critical Thinker, Citizen, Communicator, Innovative, Self-Aware, Ethical, Globally-Minded


  • Upper School Students Portfolio Art Show, Tuesday, April 17 in the Flynn Lecture Hall, 6:00 – 7:30pm
  • Spring Artist-In-Residence Ana Bess Moyer Bell performs her play “Four Legs to Stand On” for RHS and Public, Thursday, April 19, 6:30pm
  • Culminating Event for 6th Grade “Haiti Playground” project,Wednesday, April 25, 6:00 – 8:00pm in the Campbell Center
  • All School Instrumental Concert, Thursday, May 3, 6:30 – 8:00pm
  • Middle School Dance #3,Friday, May 4 at 7:00 – 9:30pm
  • All School Choral Concert, Thursday, May 10, 6:30pm in the Campbell Center


THIS WEEK ….. Adviser/Parent Conferences

  • TUESDAY, 4/10
    • BiWeekly Reports due by 10:30pm
  • WEDNESDAY, 4/11
    • Middle School PTL Meeting, 6:30pm in the Commons
  • FRIDAY, 4/13
    • Faculty Meeting – Mindfulness Refresher with Vanessa Weiner, 12:45pm
    • Mariner Period:  US Diversity students working with MS students, 1:35pm


Lunch Clean Up: Sweeping and Food Waste Weight

ADVISORY GROUP –  Mrs. Savoia’s Group

  • Monday: Hend & Savannah
  • Tuesday: Alexis & Massimo
  • Wednesday: Ella & Andrew
  • Thursday:  Jae & Hannah
  • Friday:  Everyone




Considering the cold weather, please be sure your “athlete” brings a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants to keep in their gym lockers.  Boy’s lacrosse players are recommended to have reversible practice pinnies with one side being white.

First Games and Matches

  • MS Tennis Pot Luck, Tuesday, April 10, 3:45pm in the Campbell Conference Room.  First match has been rescheduled to April 17.
  • Boys Lacrosse vs. Pennfield, Thursday, April 12, 3:45p
  • Girls Lacrosse at Pennfield, Thursday, April 12, 4:00p



VISITORS this week

  • Friday, April 13:  Jonathan visiting for 8th grade:  Tour guide Drew Tamburini,  host – Derek Block


Major Projects, Tests, Assignments…..

8th Grade:

  • English: Completed DEJ due on Monday, April 9.
  • Honors Geometry: Chapter 7 Test on Wednesday, April 11 
  • Mandarin 1:  Quiz on Lesson 10, Monday, April 9.
  • Health:  8th grade Natural High videos are to be uploaded to Google Classroom by April 23rd (for 8B) and April 25th (for 8W).

7th Grade:

  • Earth Science – Ch. 5  Energy Resources quest, Friday, 4/13
  • Math: 7th grade Math: data collection trip to the waterfront on Thursday, April 12th. Wear outdoor-appropriate clothing and bring rain boots!   
  • Media Lit: The Third and Long project is now due: 7B on 4/10, 7W on 4/19

6th Grade:

  • History:  Mon. 4/9 – 6th history paper due.
  • Math and French class:  Started the “Haiti project”.  Completion date is April 25th. It will include an evening presentation on April 25th from 6pm – 8pm.
  • Media Lit: The Third and Long project is now due: 6B on 4/13, 6W on 4/10
  • Environmental Science – photosynthesis, leaves, composting quest, Thursday, 4/12



Seventh graders Brendan Weiner, Hannah Boss and Isabel Guastella research the siting process for the Deep Water Wind project at the Coastal Resource Center, URI Bay Campus.

The Middle School raised $513 during its immersion study of the Philippines. The funds raised will be used to provide medical supplies and clothing to a Philippine mission.

Ms. Conroy’s advisory group shows off her new flexible seating balls, as well as Biagio DiCenso’s birthday hat.

8th grade students prepare to race their Lego “snails” which used complex gear trains to reduce speeds as much as possible. Ben Liebermensch, the winner of the race had a gear down that needed the motor to turn 3,645,000 times to turn its wheels 1 revolution.  Now that is a slow snail!

The 8th grade during Mariners Period.

The seventh grade class met their 10th grade “buddies” on Friday for the first time. Here, Katie Kerachsky and Genevieve Bradley work with Rebecca Arabian ’20 on a Breakout Box challenge.

Alexis Cote, Savannah Burnett, Abbey Grandin and Jae Park put their heads together with Zach Wilson ’20 on their Breakout Box challenge.

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