June 20, 2019

Mark Your Calendar
Orientation Day:  Tuesday, September 3
First Day of Classes:
Wednesday, September 4
Fall Classic Golf and Tennis Tournament & Auction Dinner:  Monday, September 23 | Potowomut Golf Club
Homecoming Weekend: September 28-29

Congratulations Class of 2019!
Last Friday we celebrated the Class of 2019 at Commencement.

Cortney Nicolato, President and CEO of the United Way of Rhode Island, delivered the Commencement speech. Class President, Jason DeGerlia, shared an address and announced the class gift, a set of team benches for the sports teams. Manny Maldonado was selected to deliver the class speech. They each reflected on the many accomplishments of the class, including more than 4,700 hours of service performed by the students, several sports championships, and an array of performing and visual arts accomplishments. They wished their classmates success in college and beyond.

Esteban Wu earned Valedictorian distinction. Faythe Schulte received the Mauran Bowl, the School’s highest honor. Jason DeGerlia and Chloe Ponte were recognized as the Class Lifers, students who attended RHS since preschool. And, Mary Grant, a former trustee of the school, was presented with the Dick Barker ’54 Community Service Award in recognition of a decade of service to the School.


Senior Dinner
At Senior Dinner, seniors and their parents, teachers, and advisers enjoyed an opportunity to come together and recognize the class. In addition to awards, the night included recognition of senior internships, a slideshow, and the yearbook dedication to Andy Washburn. Kudos to all of the students!

Peggy and Henry Sharpe English Award: Johnette Williams
Roberta Wintersteen Knight ‘61 History and Social Sciences Award: Esteban Wu
Dumas Family World Language Award: Faythe Schulte
Gregor/Coes Mathematics Award: Lingnan “Nina” Zheng
Dr. Richard R. MacMahon Science Award: Jacob Pogacar
Lillian Boynton Hale Art Award: Emily Atanasoff
Howland Music Award: Jacob Pogacar
Community Service Award: Manny Maldonado
Flynn Award for Sportsmanship: Siyuan “Peter” Chen and Johnette Williams
Alumni Athletics Award: Steven Lora

Yearbooks – Limited Availability
If you missed ordering a yearbook it’s not too late. There are a limited number of extra copies available for sale at $80. Please contact Katy Basu if you are interested in purchasing one. 

Library Volunteers Wanted
Wendy Gustavel, Interim Librarian, will be culling the RHS library collection and reorganizing the library space over summer break and would love volunteer helpers. Students, faculty, staff, and family members are all welcome to help out. If you are interested in volunteering in the library this summer, please fill out this volunteer form. Wendy will send an email on Sunday evening each week letting volunteers know when she will be in the library during the coming week. Volunteers are welcome to drop in anytime Wendy is in the library. If you have questions, email Wendy at wgustavel@rockyhill.org.

Save the Date: Fall Classic on September 23
Rocky Hill School’s 21st Annual Fall Classic: Tennis, Golf & Auction Dinner is on Monday, September 23rd at Potowomut Golf Club. To learn more or get involved, please contact Missy Walker at mwalker@rockyhill.org or x296.

5th Grade Moving Up Day
The 5th graders were honored in our first Lower School Moving Up Day along with all of the other Lower School students. The 5th grade continued the tradition of reading a tribute to one of their classmates, called a Here’s To. The ceremony was followed up by the Lower School End of the Year Celebration with an ice cream bar. Congratulations to all of the students and those who received special recognition:

Marshall Book Prize: Mrs. Seddon’s Kindergarten Class
Joan Osowa Lower School Citizenship Award: Sonali Searles and Jackson Davis

8th Grade Moving Up Day
We were excited to honor our 8th graders during the Middle School Moving Up Day last Thursday.  Mr. Gwaltney officially welcomed each student into the Upper School and the audience enjoyed remarks from Señora Maguire-Rambo. The Class of 2023 will certainly make an impact next year as 9th graders. Congratulations to these award winners:

6th Grade Faculty Award: Patrick Keane
7th Grade Faculty Award: Lauren Zheng
8th Grade Faculty Award: Derek Block
Flynn Award for Sportsmanship: William Hanney and Hannah Boss
Arts Award: Isabella Guastella
Faculty Citizenship Award: Katie Kerachsky and Ben Lawson

The Physics of (Almost) Everything – Episode 2
Zhao fan Chen, Christoff Bandele, and Pascale Burnett discuss current events surrounding physics and the impact these events have on our society. CLICK HERE



National Junior Honor Society Service
8th grader Reid Beland recently organized a drain labeling project for the NJHS 8th grade group, including Andrew Hogan, Jonathan Porter, and Brendan Weiner. They labeled about 65 drains in downtown East Greenwich with a “Don’t Dump” label from Save The Bay.  

3rd Grade Native Peoples of North America Museum

Tobey Rishworth presented on Native People’s ceremonial attire.

The 3rd grade put on an amazing Native Peoples of North America Museum and presentation as a culmination to their study about early American history. The museum included arts and crafts projects, presentations about Native People’s culture and history, and more.

Upper School Science Investigations
Andrew Tamburini ’22 and Ben Liebermensch ’22 presented their findings after a month-long, self-designed, and self-engineered investigation into the effects of elevated carbon dioxide levels on the growth of Brassica rapa. Andrew and Ben assembled their presentation into a scientific symposium poster format and presented during the culminating Projects and Assessments Week closing out the second semester. This “Greenhouse Project” required students to provide background for the variable they selected, explain the design they chose to investigate the variable, present and analyze resulting data, and then critique their own design. Students closed their presentations by examining the different types of learning that happened about not only biology, but also about time management, navigating through challenges that arose, communication, and innovation.

Endangered Species PBL
Elsa Block ’20 presented “Creative Conservation: Raising Awareness Through Informational Graphic Design” as her culminating project for Endangered Species class. Since there was an ongoing theme of global awareness of endangered species and how can we get the public to be engaged in and care about even the most un-charismatic species, Elsa and Ms. Runshe brainstormed about the psychology of public awareness and how we can change the stigma towards species that were not as well known and/or feared. After Lou Perrotti’s presentation about the reintroduction and failure (due to public outcry and fear-mongering) of Timber Rattlesnakes and the success of the American Burying Beetle, they decided that these two endangered species were perfect (and LOCAL) candidates for her project to focus on. She presented on the psychology behind what makes the public care for certain species and what can be changed for future species that are not as well known and/or not necessarily “cute”. She created posters with specific font styles, colors, and animations to survey her audience on whether or not that method of awareness was effective.

Cooking with Math PBL
Students in Algebra Foundations and Algebra II used math and creativity to design a unique math-based cookbook. Enjoy and learn! CLICK HERE

Grady Sumrall ’19 Receives RISD Senior Art Award
Rhode Island School of Design established its Annual Art Award in 1984. Each year, a select number of secondary schools with noteworthy programs in the visual arts are invited by RISD’s president to nominate an accomplished artist from the senior class to receive this distinction. The award is a book of special interest to aspiring artists and designers. This year, Grady Sumrall received the award.

Art Foundations Capstone: Environmental Impact
After completing classes of ceramics, drawing & painting, and mixed-media, Art Foundations students dove into the annual Capstone project for their final quarter with Mrs. Getsinger, Mr. Chatterley, and Mrs. Armentano. This spring, the 40 students worked hard on a personal capstone project exploring the theme of “Environmental Impact”. Student work focused on issues ranging from deforestation to fast fashion to ocean pollution. The quarter was kicked off by a viewing of the documentary Wasteland featuring Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and looking at a range of artists who create artwork exploring climate change. The independent projects used materials of the students’ choosing. Students learned the value of peer feedback and how challenging it can be to create meaningful artwork. In addition to completing a major work of art, students wrote an artist statement and gave a short presentation to the full cohort. To finish off this exciting quarter and project, the class took a field trip to the Avenue Concept. Students learned about public art efforts in Providence led by the organization and helped clean 18 trash bags of laundry detergent bottles that are being upcycled into a large public sculpture at the end of the summer. Artwork can be viewed in the slideshow here.

8th Grade Memory Project
This spring, the 8th grade participated in the Memory Project. The Memory Project invites art classes and artists to create portraits for children facing challenges around the world. Each student drew a portrait of a child who resides at an orphanage in Pakistan. For some students, this was their first time drawing a realistic portrait and for others, this was an opportunity to refine their technique. The beautiful graphite portraits are now on their way to the children in Pakistan. Student portraits can be seen alongside the artists who drew them in a slide show here and via Artsonia here. Be on the lookout for a video from the children when they receive these beautiful works of art!

Girls LAX All-Stars

Congratulations to Charlotte Boss ’22, Kaeley Zito ’22, and Aviva Beringhause ’19 for being selected to play in the RIIL All-Star game (pictured left). 

In addition, the team was honored at the RIIL awards banquet for their championship season (pictured above).

Providence Journal All Stars

Congratulations to Davis Lee ’22, Eli Levy ’22, Kaeley Zito ’22, and Charlotte Boss ’22 were recently honored at the Providence Journal All Stars ceremony.

Junior Class Officers
Congratulations to the new junior class Student Council representatives—student life chamber: Chase Schulte and Lucy Yu; policy chamber: Greg Tatevian

Noah Blazevic Poetry Recognized
The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement recently announced that RHS 3rd grade student Noah Blazevic’s poem titled This Is Love to Me won “Outstanding Student Poem – Elementary School Level” in their Social Emotional Learning Awareness Month Poetry Contest. In the email sent to Noah, Choose Love’s Director of Operations stated: “We were blown away with the more than 250 poetry submissions. Expressing your emotions, feelings, and thoughts through poetry is therapeutic and enlightening and we are so happy so many students (and educators) participated in this fun and rewarding exercise. You are part of the solution to create safer schools and a more peaceful world.” Congratulations, Noah!

I think of Love a little differently
It’s not all hugs and kisses
It’s not a Hershey Kiss
This is love to me
Love is not yelling back
Love is standing up for a friend
Love can even be standing up to anonymous people
Love is allowing people to be diverse
Love is saying thanks
Love is helping someone you love when they are not well
Love is to forgive a sibling
Love is letting an accident slip
Love is admitting you did something wrong and accepting the consequence
Love is helping people in need
Love is offering a thing or opportunity to someone who’s down
Love is even asking “How was your day?” because anything can happen
You see that is love to me

Profiles in Courage Essay Honors
We are pleased to announce that the Profile in Courage Essay Contest submissions for Cortlandt Meyerson ’20, Pascale Burnett ’20, and Neha Basu ’20 all made the second round of the essay selection, which was the top 10 percent (top 250 essays out of 2,515) in the country. Only 19 teachers who had students submit essays had more than one student make the top ten percent. All Rocky US History and AP US History students submitted essays to the 2019 contest. Entrants are required to write about a political act of courage by an elected official (in office in 1917 or later) who took a stand that put them at odds with their constituents, their party, or their supporters (donors).

Alumni Reunion
On Saturday, June 8th, alumni, faculty, and friends gathered for Alumni Reunion. More than 100 guests came together to celebrate the milestone reunion (classes ending in 4 and 9), where alumni from 1949 – 2018 were in attendance. We also recognized the winner of the Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award, Dan Bentley ’79 (see below). In addition, the school recognized Lauren Friedman Koblick ’02 for her service as Alumni President and welcomed the new officers:
Alumni Association President: Maria Charbonneau Danckert ‘12
Vice President: Kristin McLimans Mitchell ‘02
Secretary: Sarah Knowles ‘08
Treasurer: Sarah Taylor Dumas ‘10

Dan Bentley ’79 Honored
At Alumni Reunion, we were pleased to recognize Dan Bentley ’79 as the recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award. Dan joined the Class of 1979 in the 9th grade. During his years at Rocky Hill, Dan fostered an appreciation for the arts, participating in drama, chorus, and band. He also served as a member of the student council. Dan majored in business at Brigham Young University and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Certification in Project Management, and his Master Black Belt in Six Sigma. After college, Dan helped create and grow multiple call center operations in Fortune 500 companies and served in various senior level management positions. He is currently a Senior Vice President for Bank of America. Beyond his impressive career, Dan gives back to his community by serving on the Family Violence Community Impact Grant committee for the United Way of Dallas and on the finance committee for Stonebridge Ranch, the largest HOA in Dallas, Texas. Dan has never forgotten his roots at Rocky Hill School and visits annually. He has also been a March Madness sponsor and loyal supporter of the School.

Save the Date for Summer Fun 
Thursday, July 18th | 5:00-8:00 p.m. | Bayberry Beer Hall, Providence
All Rocky Hill Alumni & Friends of the School are invited for a casual summer Happy Hour to catch up and connect over cold drinks and good food organized by the RHS Alumni Association. All food, beer, and wine may be purchased a la carte by guests. Please feel free to RSVP directly to Missy Walker or on Facebook so we reserve enough space. This is a family friendly location/event.

Whitney Barker Honored
Faculty and staff congratulated Whitney Barker who received the San Antonio Faculty Achievement Award at the end of year meeting. Whitney is a dedicated member of the Academic Center for Enrichment and has helped countless students find academic success. In addition, Rob Lee and Eric Wyzga, who both joined the RHS faculty in 2007, received the Kirkland Gibson Faculty Summer Stipend Award.

Have a wonderful summer!

eCurrents will be back in August. In the meantime, look for periodic updates from the School and send in any news for us to share when we return or on social media.


June 7, 2019

Mark Your Calendar
Alumni Men’s Lacrosse Game: Saturday, June 8 | 3:30 p.m. | RHS Fields
Alumni Reunion: Saturday, June 8 | 5:00 p.m. | Hopelands Back Lawn
Lower School Moving Up Day: Wednesday, June 12 | 1:30 p.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
Middle School Moving Up Day: Thursday, June 13 | 8:45 a.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
Commencement: Friday, June 14 | 10:00 a.m. | Hopelands Front Lawn

Commencement Speaker Announced
Cortney Nicolato, President and CEO of the United Way of Rhode Island, will serve as the 2019 Commencement Speaker. Nicolato joined the United Way in 2018 after serving as CEO of The Senior Source, the largest social services nonprofit serving older adults in North Texas. Nicolato was born and raised in Pawtucket, and is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island. She has held executive leadership positions in the nonprofit and business sectors for more than 17 years including the American Heart Association’s National Center in Texas and Get Real Health. We are excited to hear her message about the role citizenship has taken in her life and how our graduates can use their talents to make the world a better place.

Flynn Gets a Face Lift

The harsh winters have taken a toll on the north side of the Flynn Academic Center over the years. We are pleased to share that the siding has been repaired thanks to a generous donation from former trustee and past parent Glenn Ahlborg and Ahlborg Construction Corporation.  We can’t thank Glenn and his team enough for their support of the School and their exceptional work!

Yearbooks Are Here
Yearbooks will be distributed starting today.  Upper School students should see Dr. Basu, while Middle and Lower school students will get their books from Mr. Jedrey, Mrs. Pontarelli, and/or classroom teachers. If you are not sure if you ordered a yearbook, go to https://www.coffeepond.com/order_yb1.aspx and enter your email address or contact Katy Basu at kbasu@rockyhill.org.   If you did not order a yearbook and would like one, we have a limited quantity of them available.  The cost is $80, and it can be charged to a student account.  Contact Katy Basu (kbasu@rockyhill.org) for more info.

Junior National Honor Society

Congratulations to this year’s inductees into the Junior National Honor Society. Front Row (8th graders): Francesca McCaughey, Andrew Hogan, Sydney Boss, Savannah Burnett, Katie Kerachsky, Abbey Grandin, Reid Beland, Jonathan Porter, and Brendan Weiner. Back Row (7th graders): Nate Lee, Will Hogan, Dalton Donoyan, Dudley Samponaro, Alex Lehouiller, Jaida Catallozzi, and Skye Connell.

Senior Internship Program 2019:
A Few More From the Field
Last week, the seniors wrapped up their fieldwork and returned to school to practice for their Senior Internship Presentations. See below for more about our students’ rich, productive experiences.

Perry Clark: Investment Management
My time at WhaleRock Point Partners has been an incredible learning experience. I began my fieldwork by creating a research presentation analyzing generational investing trends. By week two, I was contacting bond brokers for lists of available bonds that meet WhaleRock’s investment grade standards. I was also fortunate enough to take a 10-hour online course called Bloomberg Market Concepts, which trained me to use a computer system meant to aid in equity and fixed income analysis. Now, I am more anxious than ever to start my career in the finance industry.

Aviva Beringhause: Emergency Management
During my internship with the Director of Emergency Management for Pawtucket and Rhode Island, I have learned so much both inside and outside of the office. I have learned about what it’s like to go on a call and also what it’s like to work on a state project. I’ve attended several classes and events and really experienced the daily life of a police officer and an emergency management director.

Chloe Ponte: Environmental Education
Chloe has been interning at the Save the Bay Aquarium at 1st Beach in Newport. She expressed that it has been a great experience, strengthening her people and public speaking skills. She has enjoyed leading tours of the aquarium for families and schools, as well as running the touch tanks and taking care of the marine species.

Ptolemy (Tolly) Tassone: Equine Management and Training

Tolly has been learning the inner workings of running an equestrian center at Newport Equestrian Center.  She has been helping with all aspects of running a barn, from tacking up horses, learning to take clients on trail rides, and learning the operations of a privately owned barn. 

Johnette Williams: Support Programs for West African Immigrants and Refugees
During the last four weeks at Higher Ground, I’ve been working with the Sweeties (participants in the African Elders Enrichment Program), from artwork to teaching the alphabet. With the help of some volunteers, I’ve been able to teach the Sweeties new things while listening to their many stories of Liberia.


6th Grade Visits RISD
On Thursday, May 23rd the 6th grade visited the RISD museum to view their collection of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art. Favorite objects included the Egyptian mummy, the Roman sarcophagus and of course, the giant Buddha.

Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month
With May being Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month, the Upper School recently hosted representatives from the Alliance of Rhode Island Southeast Asians for Education (ARISE) to discuss the challenges experienced by individuals immigrating from southeast Asia who have now made Rhode Island their home. This event was organized by Jannessa Ya ’22 as part of her work as a member of the student advisory board of the Making Caring Common Project.

Pictured left to right: Abby Hirsch, Jaylene Lanzot ’19, Chloe Ponte ’19, Keanu Palavra ’22, Max Lehouiller ’20.

Rookies Rising Musical Festival a Huge Success
On May 29, the inaugural Rookies Rising Festival took place at AS220 in Providence. The event, which was conceived and founded by RHS junior Max Lehouiller, was a huge success and had a great turnout from every corner of the state. Five musical acts representing students from across Rhode Island performed with a goal of bringing young people together through music. The featured acts playing all original music included RHS’s own Gameboyz, The Development, Smug Honey, Clockwise, and Buddha.  All proceeds were donated to AS220 Youth, a program that strives to dismantle the pipeline to prison by empowering at-risk, beyond-risk, and incarcerated youth through arts, culture, and collective action.

The planning committee included students and faculty from Rocky Hill School:  Neha Basu ’20, Pascale Burnett ’20, Mo Danmola ’19, Dylan Lehouiller ’21, Max Lehouiller ’20, Nick McConnell ’20, Eve Weiner ’20, and faculty advisers Emily Serotta and Matt Gnolfo.

Preschool Field Day

Many thanks to the parent and 5th Grade volunteers who helped with Preschool Field Day. The kids had a great time with their Lower School buddies!

SMAC Supports House of Hope
This year, for SMAC’s Crayola PRIDE Week Fundraiser, Rocky Hill students raised almost $200 for Shower to Empower, an affiliate of House of Hope, whose mission is to provide basic needs such as showers and haircuts at no cost to folks who are experiencing homelessness. This is the 5th year of Crayola PRIDE Week–a week aimed at raising awareness about issues of traditionally marginalized personal identities due to discrimination based on race, gender, body image, and other identifiers.

Volunteer Appreciation
A Volunteer Appreciation Open House/Continental Breakfast was hosted by Head of School Diane Rich on Friday morning to thank our parents for all they do for our students and school throughout the year! The support of our parents makes an extraordinary impact here and we are all so grateful. Special thanks were given to outgoing PTL President Julie Hayes and outgoing PTL Vice President Alaka Catallozzi for their dedication in those roles over the past two years.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation
On May 29th, all Faculty and Staff were treated to an extra special luncheon hosted by the PTL. Thank you to Event Chair Kristen Connell, the parent volunteers, and Chef Jay, who all made this annual tradition such a (delicious) treat!

Musicians Honored
Several RHS students recently participated in the Rhode Island Music Educator Association’s Solo and Ensemble Festival. To participate, a student must choose a solo or small ensemble piece from a designated list to perform in front of a judge for a numeric grade. All of these students won medals for their excellent performances. Sincere congratulations! Pictured left to right, back row: Jeremiah Malone ’21 – tuba, Alejandro Wu ’21 – violin, Jack Sweeney ’21 – clarinet, Will Hogan ’24 – tuba. Front row: Dimitri Daskalopoulos ’22 – violin, Genevieve Bradley ’23 – clarinet, Nate Lee 24 – violin. Participants not pictured are Skye Connell ’24 – bassoon, and Esteban Wu ’19 – violin.

Girls Lacrosse Brings Home Fourth Championship
Congratulations to the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team who secured Rocky Hill School’s fourth league championship this spring! Last Saturday’s game was an incredible end to an awesome season! The game began with stellar defense on both sides in ten scoreless minutes, but then Tolly Tassone ’19 put one past the Tollgate goalie, rallying her team. Rocky Hill put three more in quick succession, but moments later, Tollgate scored three. At half time, the score was a tense 4-3 with Rocky Hill in the lead.

After the half, Rocky Hill slipped behind 6-4, but after a brilliant stick check by Charlotte Boss ’22 and a called off 7th goal, the Mariners surged ahead. Tamira Lopes ’21 did a fantastic job marking Tollgate’s star attacker, Nicole Procaccini out of the game, Jordan Lanowy ’21 got the big hat trick, and Kaeley Zito ’22 unleashed the fury.

Tolly Tassone had 2 goals and 3 assists, Jordan Lanowy had 3 goals, Charlotte Boss had 1 goal and 1 assist, Chloe Ponte ’19 had 1 goal, and Kaeley Zito had 6 goals and 2 assists. The final score was 13-9! Congratulations to the D3 State Champions!

Student Athletes Honored
This week we honored our student athletes at the Athletic Awards ceremony. We were excited to celebrate an unprecedented spring season that included championship titles in four varsity sports: Tennis, Golf, and Boys and Girls Lacrosse. Congratulations to our teams on a great year!


Head Coach: Trixie Dumas ’81
Assistant Coach: Chelsea Frost ’10
Resiliency Award: Savannah Burnett ’23
Effort Award: Francesca McCaughey ’23
Pride Award: Abbey Grandin ’23

Head Coach: Jared Zimmer ’89
Assistant Coach: Douglas Cochran ’16
Resiliency Award: Dalton Donoyan ’24
Effort Award: Biagio DiCenso ’24
Pride Award: Alex Lehouiller ’24

Coach: John Hughes
Mariner Award: William Hanney ’23

Head Coach: Mark Buckley
Assistant Coach: Sam McClimans
Player of the Year Award: Cole Larimer ’20
Mariner Award: Sonny Massotti ’22
Mariner Award: Sinead Burnett ’21

Head Coach: Matt Marion
Assistant Coach: Kim DeStefano
Male Player of the Year Award: Eli Levy ’22
Female Player of the Year Award: Elsa Block ’20
Mariner Award: Lily Kerachsky ’22
The Sheldon Sportsmanship Award: Marshall Lind ’22

Head Coach: Aura Rizzo
Assistant Coach: Monica Boss ’91
Offensive Player of the Year Award: Charlotte Boss ’22
Defensive Player of the Year Award: Jaylene Lanzot ’19
Mariner Award: Kaeley Zito ’22
The Dan Maloney Sportsmanship Award: Chloe Ponte ’19

Head Coach: Kurt Heise
Assistant Coach: Will Guido
Offensive Player of the Year Award: Davis Lee ’22
Defensive Player of the Year Award: Max Lehouiller ’20
Mariner Award: Jason DeGerlia ’19
The Charlie Blanchard Relentless Spirit Award: Jake Watson ’19

US Golf SENE All-League:
Cole Larimer ’20
Sonny Massotti ’22
Sinead Burnett ’21
Chase Schulte ’21
Cole Larimer was also named to the Providence Journal All-State Golf Team

US Tennis SENE All-League:
Eli Levy ’22
Elsa Block ’20, Lily Kerachsky ’22, Marshall Lind – Honorable Mention
Eli Levy was also named to the Providence Journal All-State Tennis Team.

US Boys Lacrosse SENE All-League:
Peter Chen ’19
Max Lehouiller ’20
Kobe Polley ’20
Davis Lee ’22
Nick McConnell ’20 – Honorable Mention
US Boys Lacrosse SENE Player of the Year: Davis Lee ’22
Max Lehouiller ’20 and Davis Lee ’22 were also named to the Providence Journal All-State Lacrosse Team

US Girls Lacrosse:
First Team All-Division:
Aviva Beringhause ‘19
Charlotte Boss ‘22
Kaeley Zito ‘22
Second Team All-Division: Ptolemy Tassone ‘19
Honorable Mention: Jaylene Lanzot ‘19
All-Academic: Chloe Ponte ‘19
All-Rookie: Tamira Lopes ‘21
Player of the Year Division III: Charlotte Boss ‘22

Nine-season Mariner:
Derek Block ’23
Hannah Boss ’23
Sydney Boss ’23
Alexis Cote ’23
William Hanney ’23
Katie Kerachsky ’23
Ben Lawson ’23
Franny McCaughey ’23

The Dorothy Young ’48 Award:
Esteban Wu ’19
Aviva Beringhause ’19
Siyuan “Peter” Chen ’19
Ptolemy Tassone ’19 (21 Season)

The Providence Journal’s Honor Roll Award:
Male: Jason DeGerlia ’19
Female: Chloe Ponte ’19

The Rocky Hill School Alumni Association Award: Steven Lora ’19

Meet the New 2019 – 2020  NHS Heads
Rising seniors Sam Weiler, Eve Weiner, Max Lehouiller, and Pascale Burnett have been appointed to lead the Nathan Hale Society next year. The Heads play a vital role in the Admission Office, act as the captains in planning, setting up and leading Admissions events, assisting the Admissions Office in giving tours throughout the school year, and rallying members to assist with Admissions events. They are good role models for the Nathan Hale members in being passionate ambassadors for Rocky Hill School. Congratulations, team!

Elise Beland on NPR
6th grader Elise Beland‘s mother was listening to NPR on Boston Public Radio, when she learned about a contest inviting listeners to send in an acrostic poem about their town. Elise took up the challenge and wrote a poem about East Greenwich and was one of the six entries selected and read on air by poet Richard Blanco who, among many other distinctions, was our 5th Inaugural Poet!  Click here to listen to the segment of the broadcast during which Elise’s poem was read.

Steven Lora ’19 Commits to Trinity
Congratulations to Steven Lora ’19 who made his official commitment to attend Trinity College and play for their basketball team. Steven was a 1000 point, high-impact player for the Mariners over the last two years and we are sure he will bring his many talents to Trinity next fall!  

Katy Basu Judges at National Championship
Over Mother’s Day weekend, Katy Basu was in Florida judging the balance beam at the Level 9 Eastern National Championships. Gymnasts qualify for this meet by placing in the top 7 in their age group at their Regional Championships, so they are really the best of the best in the Eastern half of the US. Since only 17 judges are assigned to this meet, it was a real honor to be selected to represent Region 6 and RI. Dr. B. sends a special thanks to Kurt Heise, Aura Rizzo, Pam Matson, Brie Runshe, and Andy HP for covering her classes while she was away.

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May 24, 2019

Mark Your Calendar
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon: Wednesday, May 29 | Head’s House
Girls Varsity Lacrosse Semifinals: Wednesday, May 29 | 4:00 p.m. | RHS
Middle School Junior National Honor Society Induction: Wednesday, May 29 | 6:00 p.m. | Flynn Lecture Hall
Boosters Pizza and Paint Party: Friday. May 31 | 6:00 p.m. | Providence Coal Fired Pizza in North Kingstown
Girls Lacrosse Finals: Saturday, June 1 | 2:00 p.m. | Cranston Stadium
Lost & Found: Tuesday, June 4 – Thursday, June 6 | Campbell Center
Preschool Field Day: Tuesday, June 4 | 10:00 a.m. | Alumni Tennis Courts
Spring Season & End-of-Year Athletic Awards: Wednesday, June 5 | 5:00 p.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
Senior Dinner: Thursday, June 6 | 6:00 p.m. | Quidnessett Country Club
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast: Friday, June 7 | 8:30-9:30 a.m. | Head’s House
Lower and Middle School Field Day: Friday, June 7 | 12:45-3:30 p.m. | RHS Fields
Alumni Men’s Lacrosse Game: Saturday, June 8 | 3:30 p.m. | RHS Fields
Alumni Reunion: Saturday, June 8 | 5:00 p.m. | Hopelands Back Lawn
Lower School Moving Up Day: Wednesday, June 12 | 1:30 p.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
Middle School Moving Up Day: Thursday, June 13 | 8:45 a.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
Commencement: Friday, June 14 | 10:00 a.m. | Hopelands Front Lawn

Oh, What a Night!

The Orient Express Gala was a smashing success. With nearly 200 guests in attendance, the bidding and donations were robust and generous. Our favorite band, Mystique, had the crowd dancing the night away. Our senior class lifers, Chloe Ponte and Jason DeGerlia, presented a compelling message and fun video to get the crowd excited for the auction. We couldn’t have done it without an amazing committee and the generosity of our community. Thanks to all who made it a night to remember. Early projections have us meeting our goal of netting $110,000 for the school! 

Wind Turbine Study

The Upper School Environmental Science students finished their wind farm study as part of the WindWinRI program with a turbine model competition and a field trip to the Block Island Wind Farm. The wind turbine competition was an opportunity for students to get a physics lesson from Mr. Hoffman-Patalona (HP) about how wind generates electricity using a motor. They were allowed to use different materials to construct a prototype turbine that would actually generate electricity. The turbine that generated the most electricity was constructed by George Kass ’20. The class ventured to the BI wind farm to supplement their knowledge on the planning and developing process of wind turbines. The wind farm is about three miles off the coast of Block Island. The students got an up-close and personal introduction to the first offshore wind farm in the US. Towering over 350 feet above them, the turbines were truly awe-inspiring.  

Back row – Mike Wu ’20, Chase Schulte ’21, Helen Pan ’19, Bessie Yang ’21, Lucia Caito ’21; Front row – Alejandro Wu ’21, Jacob Snyder, Abby Tillinghast ’21, Lily Kutcher ’21

Chemistry in Action
Last week, 9 RHS students attended the annual RI High School Chemistry Contest at URI, with a team competing in Division 1 (first-year students) and some individuals competing in Division 2 (advanced students). The students also visited the labs of Professors Dwyer and DeBoef and got to hear about their research. What a great experience for all! 

Planet Box at RHS

Check out this video from the team at JustLearn, featuring one of our entrepreneurs Djimo Serodio, working with RHS this year. The promo highlights Rocky Hill Middle and Lower School students who received Planet Boxes for their classrooms to explore science concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Lower School EnviroEd
The 4th and 5th Grade had an exciting first day of Enviro Ed canoeing down the Green River. They collaborated and thought critically about the existing fish ladder and bridge at the end of their journey. They presented their ideas to a panel of adults. The 5th graders camped out overnight near Perkins. Today they are off to Ninigret Park for more environmental fun and exploration.

7th Graders Learn About Recycling
The 7th Grade took a field trip to the Johnston Landfill and the Resource Recovery facility to learn the ins and outs of recycling.

A Final Visit to Atria Harbor Hill
The 8th Grade had their final visit of the year to Atria Harbor Hill in East Greenwich. The students shared their “This I Believe” essays with the residents and swapped stories about what they liked to do.

Discovering Physics Podcast
The Discovering Physics class recently released the first episode of their podcast, The Physics of (Almost) Everything. In this first episode, they discussed the recent photo taken of the black hole in the M87 galaxy. You can listen to their podcast on Spotify or by downloading the Anchor app. Here are the links to listen: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR

Kite Day Fun

The annual Lower School Kite Day saw joyful students running across the fields to get their kites high in the air. This fun-filled event is always a favorite!

Service Learning in the Middle School

On Thursday, May 16th, the 7th Grade went on a service learning field trip. Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Buecheler’s advisories visited the North Kingstown Food Pantry where they got a tour, learned about their programs, checked food expiration dates, and organized donations. Mrs. Armentano’s advisory visited Amenity Aid where they sorted bins of donated hotel amenities and made toiletry kits to be sent to Amos House, a homeless shelter in Providence.

Preschool Spring Flower Hunt
Preschool went on a Spring Flower Hunt to see how many different colored flowers they could find on campus.

Medieval Battle
Students in World History 1 engaged in the annual Medieval Battle. This represents just one of the fun ways students get to blow off some steam and learn about history at the same time.

Senior Internship Program 2019:
More from our Seniors in the Field
Our last eCurrents featured a few highlights from our seniors shortly after they began their fieldwork. This week we are proud to share more inspiring stories from the students and their advisers.

Esteban Wu: Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Building a Start-Up

I’ve been working on several different tasks since the start of my internship at XR in Learning in Boston. Most of my time has been dedicated to growing the prospective sponsor network through research, and connection-building on LinkedIn. I have also had the opportunity to participate in a variety of different meetings, such as pipeline and event planning, allowing me to gain an insider’s perspective on the functioning of a company. Additionally, I have been helping to design a blueprint for an add-on Hackathon to the XR Global Summit in October.

Faythe Schulte: Teaching Assistance and Lesson Planning
My past three weeks at the French American School of Rhode Island have been awesome! I have been interning with the art teacher, Eléonore Ecorcheville, and I have had the chance to work with students between the ages of 3 and 14, plan and prep lessons, design and paint sets, all while being in a French-speaking environment! I have learned that a HUGE amount of effort goes into being a teacher. In the last week of my internship, I am looking forward to a field trip to the RISD Nature Lab, finishing up the sets and props for the shows, and seeing all of the students one last time!
Mo Danmola and Jay-Juan Hayes:
Professional Sound Mixing and Recording

Mo and Jay-Juan are working with ZDahnond Dale at The Basement Studio: Mo is learning new software platforms and techniques for sound recording, and Jay-Juan is specializing in techniques for recording music in a professional studio setting.

Ben Rosenberg: Using Drone Footage to Teach Sailing Techniques
At US Sailing, I am concentrating on taking drone footage of sailing to teach proper techniques online. I have also begun designing lesson plans for an app that will teach advanced sailing techniques. I am very excited to continue my work as a summer internship and a part-time job!

Jaylene Lanzot: Public Art Installation and Organization
At her internship at The Avenue Concept, Jaylene has been working hands-on with Brian Dowling, 3D Program Manager, helping to install new public artworks around the city of Providence. Jaylene, Brian, and The Avenue Concept Founder, Yarrow Thorne, recently installed a new sculpture by Barrett Kern, at the newly renovated patio at Olga’s Cup and Saucer on Point Street. Jaylene has also helped to organize volunteers at the Avenue Concept and helped with some administrative work. She has gained great knowledge of the inner workings of a large public art organization and their cooperation with the city of Providence.

Siyue (Helen) Pan: Invasion Biology and Restoration Ecology
On the first day, I attended an award ceremony for the biology department at URI with my lab partner Jennifer and helped her set up her experiment in the greenhouse. On the second day, I extracted DNA from 10 samples of phragmites which Professor Meyerson collected from Argentina and Chile.

Savanna Olsen: Coastal Conservation and Restoration
During my internship with the Rhode Island Nature Conservancy, I have been doing fieldwork with the coastal restoration team. We are currently monitoring fish populations along the Providence and Seekonk Rivers and in Ninigret and Quonnie Ponds. In the rivers, we are doing beach seines, casting a long net with the boat and then pulling it to shore, in order to track where populations are recovering and which locations could benefit from further restoration efforts. In the ponds, we are monitoring several relatively new manmade oyster reefs, measuring both the oysters growing on them and the fish living around them as the restored ecosystem matures. I’m enjoying myself and getting hands-on field experience in environmental science.

Jacob Pogacar: Cancer Research
I have found my internship at the Bio-Psychics lab at URIto be an engaging, fulfilling learning experience. The lab is focused around a special peptide engineered to target and attach to cancer cells. Most of my day is spent taking care of cell cultures that are then used by the graduate students and professors in the lab in their experiments. This week I am starting to assist in the crafting of spheroids (balls of cells that simulate tumors) using the cells that I have been taking care of. In the weeks to come, I will be participating in a couple of experiments, which involve attempting to craft the peptide so that a human immune system will react to and attack the cancer cell the peptide binds to. Overall, this internship has given me extremely valuable lab experience which will help later down the road as I plan on doing scientific research in college as well.  

Steven Lora: Construction and Project Management
My time at Gilbane Building Company has been nothing but an amazing learning experience. I’ve learned how to analyze drawings and organize bid packages. I am also learning how to build relationships with clients.


All School Art Show

The annual All School Art Show was on view this week in the gym. Highlights included a Lower School ocean-inspired display of ceramic sculptures; detailed treehouse drawings and paintings by the 7th Grade; collage portraits of all 40 Art Foundations students; beautiful Upper School photographs; ceramic teapots and vases; and brightly painted canvases depicting tropical fruit by Drawing and Painting students. Thank you to everyone who attended the opening reception Tuesday after school and who came by to visit the show throughout the week. Thank you as well to Clark Farms for the gorgeous planters, Sam Weiler ’20 for organizing a performance at Tuesday’s opening, and the facilities staff for their assistance. A special shout out goes to all of the 2018-19 studio art faculty – Mrs. Dumas ’81, Mrs. Armentano, Mrs. Getsinger, Mr. Chatterley, Ms. Temple, and Mr. Roonan. Parents, please be on the lookout for artwork being sent home in the coming week or two.

Much Ado About Nothing
The Deckhands Theater Group put on a two-night performance of Much Ado About Nothing. They delighted the audience with their take on this classic Shakespearean tale.

Art Foundations Capstone Presentations
Each year Upper School Foundations of Art students complete the year by conceiving and producing a thematic, conceptual work of art. This year students created work exploring “Environmental Impact.” Student work focused on issues ranging from deforestation to ocean pollution. Artwork will be on view May 28th-31st in the Flynn Nautilus. Students will be presenting their projects during D periods. Parents are invited to view the artwork, speak to the artists, and hear some students speak about their work on Thursday, May 30 from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Spring Athletic Awards Ceremony
Join us on Wednesday, June 5th at 5:00 p.m. as we celebrate our Upper and Middle School student athletes at the Spring Athletic Awards Ceremony. This event will be longer than our previous seasons. We will be giving out our major annual awards such as the 12- and 9-season athletes and the Alumni Athletic Award, and recognizing athletic milestones from 2018-19.

Varsity Golf Champions

After posting an undefeated season, the Rocky Hill School Varsity Golf team tied with St. Andrews School in the 2019 SENE Golf Tournament. The two schools are this year’s tournament co-champions of the 2019 SENE League Championship. This is an historic year for RHS golf as it is the first time that we have ever won a championship in league or tournament, never mind both! At the tournament, RHS earned four of the ten SENE All-League honors spots:
Cole Larimer ’20 – 88 pts
Sonny Massotti ’22 – 88 pts
Sinead Burnett ’21 – 102 pts
Chase Schulte ’21 – 107 pts

Boys Varsity Lacrosse Champions
In a game full of excitement, penalties, and great hustle, Rocky Hill Boys Varsity Lacrosse won its 2nd straight SENE title last Friday, defeating Eagle Hill 11-7 behind a huge fourth-quarter comeback. With the win, Rocky Hill moved to 10-1 on the season, including finishing a perfect 8-0 against their SENE opponents. Additional congratulations to our SENE All League players:
Peter Chen ’19 – All League
Max Lehouiller ’20 – All League
Kobe Polley ’20 – All League
Davis Lee ’22 – All League and SENE Player of the Year
Nick McConnell ’20 – Honorable Mention

Varsity Tennis Champions
The RHS tennis team beat Macduffie 5-2, making them the SENE League champions! Eli Levy ’22 had an incredible comeback win and Lily Kerachsky ’22 and Elsa Block ’20 played their toughest tennis all season to win. Marshal Lind ’22 and Hadley Martinez ’23 won at 1 doubles and went undefeated together for the entire season.

Middle School Girls Lacrosse Are Undefeated
The Middle School Girls Lacrosse team had an incredible final game against longtime rival, Moses Brown’s A-team, last week. It was a fast, back and forth game throughout both halves. The girls collaborated and persevered through an aggressive game, with strong communication on defense. The game ended 7-6 with RHS securing an undefeated season!

Gym Locker Clean-Out
Student athletes need to remove all locker contents by Friday, May 31st. Locks will be removed that day. On Monday, June 3rd, all remaining contents will be put into the lost and found collection.

Lost & Found
The annual all-school lost and found collection will take place June 4th-6th just outside of Campbell Center. On Friday, June 7th, any items left in the collection  will be donated to charity.

Sophomore Election Results
Congratulations to the newly elected officers for the rising sophomores. Stay tuned for junior class results next time.
Student Life: Lizzie Hayes and Keanu Palavra
Policy: Drew Tamburini and Janessa Ya

Ben Pogacar ’20 Honored
On May 13th, Ben Pogacar ’20 received the General Treasurer’s Young Leader Award. The General Treasurer’s Young Leader Award recognizes students who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship and developing the skills necessary to achieve their goals. These awards were presented to high school juniors in the state of Rhode Island who showed outstanding achievement in math, are active in their community, and embody entrepreneurial spirit.

Abbey Grandin ’23 Sailing Success
Congratulations to Abbey Grandin ’23 who competed in the Team Trials held at the California Yacht Club. This regatta places sailors in various international regattas for Team USA. Abbey’s top race earned 9th place and she qualified to sail on the US team at the 2019 Sport Vlaanderen Regatta in Belgium at the end of June. This will be her first international race. Good luck Abbey!

Kristin Urbach ’87 Honored
Congratulations to Kristin Urbach ’87 (pictured on the right) for being named a 2019 Achievement Honoree at the Providence Business News Business Women Awards. Kristin is the Executive Director of the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental in connecting RHS with the WindWinRI project.


Dr. Abby Alexander ’07
Dr. Abigail L. Alexander ’07 earned two degrees, MD and Master’s in Public Health from the University of Miami. She starts her residency at Brown University in June, studying pathology.

Tara Dowling Mentoring for College Corps
Tara Dowling has been selected as a mentor for the College Corps New England. This is an intensive 3-day workshop designed for rising high school juniors (typically underrepresented students, and students at high schools with low access to professional college counselors) that will take place in Boston at Lasell College, July 17th-19th. With the guidance of professional mentors, participants will learn about all aspects of the college search and application process, life in the residence halls, financial aid, and standardized testing. The goal of the program is to have students leave the program with the knowledge and confidence necessary to successfully transition to college after high school.

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May 10, 2019

Mark Your Calendar
Boys Varsity Lacrosse SENE Semifinals: Wednesday, May 15 | 5:30 PM | RHS
Much Ado About Nothing – Spring Play: 
Wednesday, May 15 | 6:00 PM | Goddard Park Carousel – East Greenwich
Co-ed Varsity Golf Championship:  Thursday, May 16 | 12:30 PM | The Aquidneck Club
Boys Varsity Lacrosse SENE Finals:
Friday, May 17 | 4:00 PM | RHS
Much Ado About Nothing – Spring Play:  Friday, May 17 | 7:00 PM | Hope Artiste Village – Pawtucket
Orient Express Gala:
Saturday, May 18 | 6:00-11:00 PM | Atlantic Resort at Wyndham Newport
Preschool Garden Night: Monday, May 20 | 5:30 PM | Preschool
All-School Art Show Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 21| 3:30-5:00 PM | Sharpe Gymnasium
Annual Corporation Board Meeting:  Tuesday, May 21| 4:00-6:30 PM | Flynn Lecture Hall
All-School Art Show
:  Tuesday, May 21 – Friday, May 24 | Sharpe Gymnasium
Girls Varsity Lacrosse Quarterfinal:  Friday, May 24 | Details to come
Monday, May 27

Orient Express Spring Gala – May 18
The School’s largest event of the school year is just over a week away. The event is packed with fun including a cocktail hour, live music by Mystique, delicious food, and an outstanding live and silent auction. All proceeds from the event support the amazing journey of our students. So, get on board and join the fun…it’s not too late. Cant’ make it in person but want to make a difference? Send in your absentee bids by Friday, May 17th to mwalker@rockyhill.org and we can bid on your behalf. New items are being added to the preview so check in regularly!

Register online today: ORIENT EXPRESS GALA

Annual Corporation Meeting
Tuesday, May 21| 4:00-6:30 PM | Flynn Lecture Hall
Join the Board of Trustees, faculty, and administrators for the Annual Corporation Meeting. This open board meeting is an opportunity for parents and alumni to hear reports from the Board and administrators about the school year and plans for 2019-20.

Rookies Rising Festival
Wednesday, May 29 | 7:15 PM | AS220 – Providence
RHS junior, Max Lehouiller, is the mastermind behind an upcoming music festival, Rookies Rising, being held at AS220 on May 29th. Rookies Rising came to life when Max brought to light the idea of a festival celebrating all aspects of music. He gathered a group of peers and worked to bring his concept of elevating young, up-and-coming artists to life as well as bringing together communities through a shared love of music. The team consists of RHS students Nick McConnell ’20, Pascale Burnett ’20, Mo Danmola ’19, Grady Sumrall ’19, Neha Basu ’20 and advisers Emily Serotta and Matt Gnolfo. The festival serves to foster the growth and creative spirit of both the performers and the attendees while creating overall positive energy to support young artists. The event will showcase five musical acts from across Rhode Island including RHS rap group GameBoyz. Check out their website at www.rookiesrising.org and follow them on Instagram @rookiesrising.

Maker Class Grants Wish for Girl with Cerebral Palsy
Last week, Rocky Hill School’s Maker class presented Brookie Reynolds, a 9-year old girl from Cumberland with cerebral palsy, with a customized mobile chair designed especially for her. The class spent the last few months tinkering, designing, prototyping, and engineering a power-wheels chair for her that is easy for her to use in her home and in outdoor spaces with limited accessibility. The students incorporated personalized touches such as a hot pink joy-stick, which was designed and printed on the School’s 3D printer. Thanks to an extensive amount of modifications, and lots of ingenuity, the students were ready to present the new chair to Brookie. “This was a life-changing gift these students gave my daughter,” said Brookie’s mother Allison. It was a great day for the students and an even better one for a special little girl. The project made the news as well. See the Channel 10 story above and the Channel 12 story HERE.

Block Island Wind Farm and North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce School Collaboration
The Environmental Science students went to the Coastal Resources Center at URI’s Bay Campus to learn about the planning process for the BI Windfarm. The students, in collaboration with students from North Kingstown High School and Block Island High School, researched stances and mitigating plans for different stakeholders involved in the planning process of the BI Windfarm. Each group then presented to the rest of the students about their findings. In class, the students have been learning in class about renewable energies and have started a project where they have to plan, site, identify stakeholders, create a working model turbine, and submit a proposal for a new wind farm/turbine location in Rhode Island.

Junior National Honor Society
On Sunday, April 28th, the members of the National Junior Honor Society volunteered at Imagine Walk for Autism which was held at Goddard Park. The members put together several thousand lunches and also helped at the bounce house and the cotton candy machine. The members all agreed that it was a satisfying and fun day.

Senior Internships
Last week we celebrated our seniors by sharing the vast selection of excellent colleges to which they have been accepted. On Friday, we bid our seniors farewell as they prepared to embark on their month-long internships, the culmination of their Upper School careers.

This year our seniors are interning with a range of professionals at the forefront of innovation and advancement in their respective fields: Dr. Irene Piryatinski, neuropsychologist, and faculty at Harvard Medical School; Dr. Yana Reshetnyak, Professor of Physics at the University of Rhode Island; Dr. Laura Meyerson, Professor, Invasion Biology and Restoration Ecology at the University of Rhode Island; and Kelly Ramirez, Co-Founder and CEO of Social Enterprise Greenhouse, to name a few. In this week’s eCurrents and the next, we will share feedback from the students. CLICK HERE for a full list.

In their own words:
Xuan “Ellen” Guo: Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation
During my first week of the internship with neuropsychologist, Dr. Irene Piryatinski, I learned different kinds of cognitive testing including WAIS-IV, NAB, and Rey–used to investigate age-related differences in the predictability of intelligence with executive functions–along with the scoring of each test. I was very fortunate to be able to sit in and observe two intakes of patients on Wednesday and will observe a couple of other intakes and testings on Friday. I look forward to practicing and observing more testing sessions. During my second or third week, I will be conducting tests on patients as well.

Cameron Osbrey: Veterinary Medicine
During my internship at South Bay Veterinary clinic, I have been assisting Dr. Caroline Bowater in her daily activities, appointments, and surgery. Working closely with many different animals is exciting. I am looking forward to working through the rest of this month and learning as much as possible about the veterinary field.

Emily Atanasoff and Hanbing “Cici” Jia: Art Exhibitions: Curation and Management
On May 7th and 8th, Cici and I helped pack up the art at Art League Rhode Island’s “Twisting Fibers” exhibition. It was challenging to pack the art in boxes because we did not want to damage any of the fragile pieces in the takedown process. Even though it was difficult handling the delicate pieces, I enjoyed experiencing all the different textiles up close. The “Bubble Dress and Mask” Shown in the image is one of the pieces from the exhibition. Thankfully this piece could be molded to fit inside the box. Working with Art League Rhode Island has been such a fulfilling experience so far!

Grady Sumrall: Video Production and Marketing
So far at my internship with Emily Bucci of DRUM, I have participated in various conference calls and the steps taken prior to the approval of a large scale advertisement. While we work on a larger project, we are also working on smaller tasks like filming b-roll and editing short video projects. Emily has given me an insight into how helpful it is to have many connections and how going above and beyond what you’re asked can only benefit you and your company.

Sam Weiler Recognized by Trinity Rep
Congratulations to Sam Weiler ’20 whose play, A Cryptic Brunch, was one of only four plays chosen for Trinity Repertory Company’s Write Here, Write Now! Student Play Festival. The festival is scheduled for May 21st at 7:00 p.m. and open to family and friends to come and celebrate! LEARN MORE

Spring Concerts Impress and Move the Audience

Mr. McNamara recognized senior Jaylene Lanzot

Kudos! Bravo! Brava! The Performing Arts Department had a busy few weeks as they presented the Spring Instrumental and Choral Concerts to an eager audience. Their hard work and dedication paid off as the students prepared and delivered an impressive array of music. From classic music by the strings ensemble to a powerful rendition of the Star Wars theme song, the band sounded amazing.

The Choral Concert brought together all three divisions that shared current hits, an original rap song, and a moving, all-school performance of We Are the World. Thank you to our students and their faculty Emily Serotta, Jack McNamara, Matt Gnolfo, and Julie Cox.

Spring Play Much Ado About Nothing
Our spring production, William Shakespeare’s, Much Ado About Nothing, will be held off campus on Wednesday, May 15th and Friday, May 17th. Both shows are free of charge and run approximately 80 minutes long with no intermission. In lieu of admission, they will be collecting canned goods for RI Food Bank.

Wednesday, May 15 | 6:00 PM
Goddard Park Carousel | 1095 Ives Road, East Greenwich, RI

Friday, May 17 | 7:00 PM
Hope Artiste Village | 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI Suite 711A

Olivia Massotti ’20 Honored
Student work was submitted to the Senator Jack Reed Art Competition including a photo by Rebecca Arabian ’20, a mixed media artwork by Olivia Massotti ’20, and a pastel drawing by Sara Laurent ‘21. Olivia Massotti received Honorable Mention for her piece. The work will hang in the Warwick Mall from May 13-19th and there will be a closing reception on May 19th at 6:00 p.m.

Recognizing Our Seniors‘Tis the season for our spring senior recognition games. This week we honored our Boys Lacrosse seniors Peter Chen, Jason DeGerlia, and Jake Watson. Girls Lacrosse and Tennis will be honored on Wednesday, May 15th.

Boosters Potluck TailgateKim Zito, Jim Hill, Chris Cote, and Elissa Contillo
The rainy weather was no match for our Mariner pride as spring sports teams gathered for food and fun this week for the spring tailgate. Many thanks to the Boosters for organizing, parents for supporting, and our student-athletes and coaches for their efforts on the fields each day!

Upper School Teams Going Strong

This spring our varsity teams are not only showing great sportsmanship and leadership on the field, but they are also contenders for championship play in Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Tennis, and Golf. Our Boys Lacrosse team clinched first place in their division with an undefeated league record. The golf team is undefeated as well and the Tennis team is currently in first place in their division. The Girls Lacrosse team has just one league loss and is ready for a rematch in championship play. Please come out and support our students and teams, and don’t forget to wear your blue and white!

Three-season Mariners Honored
On May 3rd, the Athletic Department honored our three-season Mariners with an ice cream social and special T-shirts to recognize their commitment to participating in every season this year. #NO_OFF_SZN. Thirty-one Middle School and twenty-three Upper School students were celebrated.


Athletes of the Week
Max Lehouiller ’20 – Boys Lacrosse
This Boys Lacrosse player continues to impress his comrades with his motor and effort on game days. He has forced dozens of ground balls this season and has become a more physical presence as well.

Lily Kerachsky ’22 – Tennis
This Varsity Tennis player battled in practice to put herself into number two singles. She had a great redemption match against STM and also continues to work very hard in practices.


Alex Lawton ’22 – Boys Lacrosse
This young student-athlete achieved legendary status during the week of April 15th, proclaiming himself a “defensive god.” His industriousness and scrappiness were essential to a good week of practice and a solid result against Brimmer and May.
Aviva Beringhause ’19 – Girls Lacrosse
Her coaches wanted to publicly proclaim her growth in technical skill last week, coupling two great games with attention to detail in practice.


E-sports Finishes Successful First Year
The spring E-Sports team’s playoff run came to an end against the leagues #1 seeded Hendricken Hawks team. They had a great first year and are looking forward to being even more competitive next year!

Students Shine at Essay Competition
The 9th Annual Rhode Island Gandhi Essay Award Ceremony sponsored by The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies was held at the University of Rhode Island on May 3rd. Honored as finalists this year were Genevieve Bradley ’23 and Isabel Guastella ’23. The essays were written by eighth-grade students throughout Rhode Island to celebrate the life teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and to think critically about, personally connect with, and be challenged by his legacy of nonviolence. Isabel’s essay was awarded third place and Genevieve’s an honorable mention out of 135 submissions. We are so proud of both finalists as they wrote outstanding essays!

Junior Marshall and Senior Class Officers Announced

At our heartfelt Senior Send-off, the School community took time to recognize our outgoing senior class and wish them well on their senior internships.  In addition to a fun video and a rousing rendition of Somebody to Love by the Upper School chorus, the Junior Marshall and the Class of 2019 Alumni Officers were announced. Congratulations to Heyuan Ma ’20 who was selected by the seniors to be Junior Marshall, and to the following class officers: Secretary – Johnette Williams, Treasurer – Nina Zheng, Vice President – Faythe Schulte, and President – Jason DeGerlia.

Ben Rosenberg ’19 Competes in National Robotics Competition
Ben Rosenberg  ’19 went to the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) World Championship in Detroit with his team from NUWC in Newport. His role was lead strategist and CAD designer. The team ended up ranked 4th in their division after qualifying rounds and made it all the way to the semi-finals. In the picture, Ben is with members of his alliance (three other teams from Ontario, Virginia, and Connecticut).

Students Accepted to ACLU Advocacy Program
Rocky Hill School students Eve Weiner ’20, Janessa Ya ’22 and Willa Goeghegan ’20 have been accepted to participate in the ACLU’s Summer Advocacy Program in Washington, D.C. The program brings together high school students from across the country to participate in a week-long, firsthand learning experience for the next generation of social justice advocates!

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April 26, 2019

Mark Your Calendars
LS Let’s Glow Family Spring Fling: Friday, April 26 | 6:30 p.m. | Campbell Center
PTL Gala Meeting: Monday, April 29 | 8:30 a.m. | Hopelands
Spring Instrumental Concert: Tuesday, April 30 | 6:30 p.m. | Campbell Center
Spring Tailgate Potluck: Friday, May 3 | 5:15 – 7:00 p.m. | RHS Fields
Middle School Game Night: Friday, May 3 | 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. | Gym
 Saturday, May 4 | 7:00-10:00 p.m. | Biltmore – Providence

Senior Internships Begin:
Monday, May 6
Senior Game for Boys Lacrosse:  Monday, May 6 | 4:00 p.m. versus Pilgrim
AP Exams Begin: Tuesday, May 7
ACE Educational Series: Wednesday, May 8 | 3:30 p.m. | Flynn Lecture Hall
All School PTL Meeting: Thursday, May 9 | 8:30 a.m. | Middle School Commons
Choral Concert:
 Thursday, May 9 | 6:30 p.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
Orient Express Gala: Saturday, May 18 | 6:00 p.m. | Atlantic Resort at Wyndham Newport

Summer camps and programs are open for registration at rockyhill.org/sea.

Spring Brick Orders Due May 1st
Looking for a great year end teacher gift? You can give a RHS brick in honor of a teacher, past or present, who made an impact on your educational experience. Seniors, don’t forget to get your name on a brick. The deadline for ordering bricks for the spring installation is Wednesday, May 1st.


Parent Education Series
Supporting Students with Learning Differences: Assessment, Treatment, Classroom Accommodations, and the College Testing and Planning Process
Wednesday, May 8 | 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. | Flynn Lecture Hall | Open to all RHS Families

Please join Neuropsychologist Dr. Mary Lynne Kennedy ’80; ACE Director Holly Cotta; and Director of College Counseling Tara Dowling to learn how an educational evaluation provides a road map for determining a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall learning profile. Learn how recommended classroom accommodations play an important part of a student’s experience at Rocky Hill School during the college process and beyond.

Final PTL Meeting of the Year
Don’t miss the final PTL meeting of the year on Thursday, May 9th at 8:30 a.m. in the Middle School Commons. Hear from Diane Rich, Megan Williams, Emily Serotta, and Meg Stowe; vote on final budget allocations; review the new slate of officers; and help us recognize our out-going officers for a job well done.

PTL Volunteer Positions for 2019-20
Spring has finally sprung and as we enjoy the remaining months of the school year, we are looking ahead to next year, too. The Parent Teacher League is working to fill the volunteer PTL positions for 2019-2020. Anyone who would like to be a Classroom Representative to contact Julie Hayes at hayesfamily2000@gmail.com. If you are currently a Class Rep and would like to continue, please let Julie know. They would like to have as many families involved as are interested!

Orient Express Spring Gala – May 18th
The hotel at Atlantic Resort at Wyndham Newport is offering one-night room blocks until this Saturday, April 27th for guests of the event. After Saturday, a two-night minimum will be in effect. Call 236-2020 directly and reference the Rocky Hill Orient Express Gala when booking your reservation.

Check out the first items in the AUCTION PREVIEW.
Register online today: ORIENT EXPRESS GALA

Spring Into Reading
5th Grade took advantage of the beautiful spring day and worked in their book groups outside on campus.

A Trip to the Zoo
Students in Honors Endangered Species Management went to the Roger Williams Park Zoo and attended a class on Species Survival Plans. Drawing on their class knowledge, they took part in the gorilla SSP activity and determined the best mate match for a captive gorilla by looking at animal behavior, genetics, studbook information, and logistics.

Journée Internationale de la Francophonie 2019
On Monday, April 15th, the Rocky Hill School community celebrated La Journée Internationale de la Francophonie (the International Day of the Francophone). The day celebrates all of the Francophone (French-speaking) countries around the world. Faythe Schulte ’19 organized various events throughout the day, some of which included: a crêpe sale organized by the French Club that raised $148 for the Women’s Refugee Center; Community Period events for the US and MS (cooking, soccer, handball, art, dance, etc.); Belgian waffles for the lower schoolers; a Francophone themed lunch; and more. Merci Beaucoup to everyone who made this day possible: Madame Rich, Chef Jay and FLIK, Mrs. Pontarelli, Mr. Jedrey, Mr. Gwaltney, all of the teachers that supervised these events, and everyone who participated.

A Fairytale Extravaganza
On April 23rd, the 1st Grade and Kindergarten students, accompanied by the 5th Grade students, presented A Fairytale Extravaganza to our parents and the Lower School community. The 1st Grade worked on reading fluency, understanding parts of a story, and sequencing events through this exciting readers’ theater project. They also worked on developing their skills as communicators and problem solvers. The Kindergarteners developed self-awareness and communication skills as they helped with props and songs. The 5th Grade improved their innovation skills by writing three original songs that fit perfectly into the show. They also provided programs to pass out to the audience. Ms. Lee shared, “We enjoyed the challenge of working together and sharing our learning with our families. Thank you so much to Mrs. Serotta, Ms. Seddon, Mrs. Dumas, and Mrs. MacDonald for making this project possible!”

5th and 6th Grade Math Building Project Showcase
Over the past two months, the 5th and 6th Grade students worked on a Math Building Project, with the driving question: How can we, as 5th and 6th Grade engineers, designers, architects, and mathematicians, design a family friendly space at 6975 Post Road? During this project based learning experience, the students studied measurement, scale, shapes, and proportions to create scaled models of stores and playground items for the shopping center. The culminating piece was a showcase of their shopping center, built to scale, setup in the Middle School Commons for parents, teachers, and students.

8th Grade Visits Mayor Fung
Students in Mr. Greenwood’s 8th Grade government class went to City Hall in Cranston to visit with Mayor Fung. They experienced the inner workings of local government and Mayor Fung even sent out a Tweet about the visit!

The Physics of Judo
The Discovering Physics class recently completed a project focused on the connection between judo and physics. They interviewed multiple judo players, including US Latin teacher Matt Gnolfo and other members of the Mayo Quanchi dojo. Members include Pascale Burnett ’20, Zhaofan Chen ’20, and Christoff Bandele ’20CLICK HERE to see what they learned this semester.

Behind the Scenes at WPRI News
Students in 1st Grade visited the set at WPRI 12 Eyewitness News. They spent time with Traffic Reporter and RHS parent Melissa Sardelli and her colleagues for a behind-the-scenes look at the morning news. 

Extra Special Eggs
The kindergarteners patiently waited and watched their eggs for 21 days. They learned about the life cycle of a chick, as well as other animals that begin life in an egg. They successfully hatched 10 chicks and love them so much! The class excitedly welcomed to the world Charlie, Douglas, Max, Bumble Bee, Mr. Taco, Ted, Anna, Coco, Lianna, and Sunshine.

8th Grade Connection With Atria Harbor Hill
The 8th Grade visited our friends at Atria Harbor Hill in East Greenwich to share and discuss poetry, reminisce about best friends, share old family photographs, and much more. The students and residents greatly enjoyed their time together.

Embedded Entrepreneurs Impacting Students K-12
Lower School students explore the Chinese language for the first time with the founder team of Hihilulu, a language teaching app, as part of our Embedded Entrepreneurs after school program. In addition, Yulan Qiao ’19 is completing her senior internship as a Hihilulu team member and facilitator of this program. The after school opportunity will run for seven weeks in the Lower School this spring. Feel free to stop by to see this work in action on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m.

Portfolio Art Show

Students in the Portfolio Art class showcased their work last week in the Carriage House. The students shared ceramics, painting, drawing, and photography, and presented their work to the audience. 

8th Grade Portrait Project
8th Grade is completing their Memory Project portraits. The Memory Project invites art classes and artists to create portraits for children facing challenges around the world. The students each drew a portrait of a child who resides at an orphanage in Pakistan. The portraits will be sent to the children after the All School Art Show in May. The art classes used this project as an opportunity to learn more about the country of Pakistan and Islam, the predominant religion in the area. The Memory Project provided RHS with this wonderful teaching resource so they could learn more about the children and where they live.

Spring Sports Off to a Great Start
Our spring teams are all having great seasons. We are excited that both Girls and Boys Varsity Lacrosse and the Golf teams are all undefeated so far this season! Check out these lacrosse highlight reels produced by Mr. Lee.

Boosters Spring Potluck Tailgate Party
Don’t miss the Boosters Spring Potluck Tailgate Party on campus (near the Galley) on Friday, May 3rd from 5:15 – 7:00 p.m.  Enjoy lawn games and food with your friends. Hamburgers and hot dogs are provided, compliments of the Boosters. CLICK HERE to sign up to bring an item.

Athletes of the Week
This player has been a hero of Mariner #lacrosse in the first three weeks, stepping into a new game and a new position, and acquitting himself with honor. Last week, he showed an impressive degree of composure and a quick reaction time in his first two games in net. Congratulations, Kirk Webster ’22!

During a tough week, Charlotte Boss ’22 stepped up for the team in the Classical High School game dominating the draw controls, and posting seven goals, while assisting her teammates five times. Charlotte currently leads the state in overall points and assists. Way to represent RHS!

ProJo All-State Winter Independent Team
Congratulations to our basketball players who earned All-State honors this year! Steven Lora ’19, Ptolemy Tassone ’19, Jay-Juan Hayes ’19, Kaeley Zito ’22, Mo Danmola ’19, and Charlotte Boss ’22

Congratulations Prefects
The Upper School Prefects were announced last week. A group of distinguished and accomplished juniors presented speeches and took questions from the student body related to how they would help lead the school as seniors. Students in grades 8-12 voted to select their representatives. Congratulations to Heyuan Ma (Head Prefect), Bella Robinson, and Nick McConnell! 

Faythe Schulte ’19 Signs with Allegheny College
Congratulations to Faythe Schulte ’19 who signed to play field hockey for Allegheny College this fall. #theMarinerWay

Rome Kirby ’07 is Helmsman for SailGP
Rome Kirby ’07 is the helmsman for the U.S. team in SailGP races. This nation-vs-nation format has teams racing on 50-foot foiling catamarans at speeds up to 57 MPH. We’re rooting for you, Rome!  READ MORE

Erica Santos ’11 Completes Boston Marathon
Rocky Hill alum Erica Santos ’11 successfully completed the Boston Marathon in a time of just over four hours. She ran to raise funds for the Tufts Friedman School and their mission to address some of the enormous burdens caused by unhealthy food and poor nutrition, both in the US and globally. Erica is a graduate of Tufts and serves as a member of the RHS Alumni Association.

Sabrina Dumas ’16 Interviewed

Check out this news clip of Sabrina Dumas ’16 who was interviewed as a spectator of the Boston Marathon. Her segment begins around the 2:00 mark.

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April 12, 2019

Mark Your Calendar
Portfolio Art Show Reception: Tuesday, April 16
Upper School Coffeehouse: Thursday, April 18 | 6:00 p.m. | Flynn Nautilus
School Closed: Friday, April 19 – Monday, April 22
LS Let’s Glow Family Spring Fling: Friday, April 26 | 6:30 p.m. | Campbell Center: LET’S GLOW REGISTRATION
Spring Instrumental Concert: Tuesday, April 30 | 6:30 p.m. | Campbell Center
Prom: Saturday, May 4 | 7:00-10:00 p.m. | Biltmore – Providence
Choral Concert: Thursday, May 9 | 6:30 p.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
Orient Express Gala: Saturday, May 18 | 6:00 p.m. | Atlantic Resort at Wyndham Newport

Did You Know?
Did you know that your business can sponsor the athletic program and receive on-campus recognition for that support? LEARN MORE here and please share this information at your place of business or with companies you think might be interested in the program.

RHEA Spring K-5 Art Workshops
The following courses will be offered by MS Art Teacher Mrs. Armentano to Lower School students throughout the spring:
      • Rainbows and Robots for Grades K-5 on 4/17
      • Springs Things for Grades K-5 on 5/1
      • Doll & Fairy House Fun for Grades K-5 on 5/10
      • Art Fun for Little Ones for Nursery-3 on 5/16
Each course runs from 3:30-5:15 p.m. in the MS Art Room in the Carriage House. This drop-in model allows students to sign up for one class or several. CLICK HERE for more information and pricing. If you would like to register your child, please email cmacdonald@rockyhill.org.

SEA – New Nike Sports & High School Offerings
Summer camps and programs are open for registration! Register today: rockyhill.org/sea

High School programs in Art or Business, including SAT prep and college tours.

We offer week-long camps for children ages 3-14 to learn and explore through sailing, kayaking, robotics, art, theater, woodworking, cooking, sports, and much more. Extended day options available. Also, Nike US Sports Camps, Lead the Way FH, Stingrays Soccer, and Top Edge Tennis.

Hihilulu’s founder offers RHS senior internship and after school RHEA offering to test their product
RHS senior Yulan Qiao ’19 will complete her senior internship this spring with LearnLaunch startup Hihilulu. Alongside Meg Stowe, Yulan will facilitate RHEA’s after school program where students in K-3 will explore the Hihilulu app, the Chinese language, and culture, as well as Yulan’s Chinese snacks and personal stories. Please email ppontarelli@rockyhill.org to sign up.

Orient Express Spring Gala – May 18th

All aboard! Please mark your calendar for the Orient Express Gala and Auction on Saturday, May 18th at the Atlantic Resort Newport. This signature fundraising event is sure to surprise and delight and is not to be missed! Register online today: ORIENT EXPRESS GALA


Spring Brick Orders Due by May 1st

April showers bring May flowers, but what did the Mayflower bring? No, not Pilgrims. It brought RHS bricks to give to that someone special who puts a “Spring” into your step. The perfect year-end gift for that special teacher. ORDER ONLINE

Parent Info Session

Supporting Students with Learning Differences: Assessment, Treatment, Classroom Accommodations, and the College Testing and Planning Process
Wednesday, May 8 | 3:30-4:30 | Flynn Lecture Hall | Open to all RHS Families

Please join Neuropsychologist Dr. Mary Lynne Kennedy ’80; ACE Director Holly Cotta; and Director of College Counseling Tara Dowling to learn how an educational evaluation provides a road map for determining a student’s strengths and weakness and overall learning profile. As a result, educational evaluations offer recommendations that will help learning specialists and classroom teachers use this profile to leverage children’s strengths while remediating areas of weakness. Learn how classroom accommodations recommended in evaluations play an important part of a student’s experience at Rocky Hill School during the college process and beyond.

Hackathon 2019 Save the Date: November 15 & 16
To support, volunteer, or get involved, please email Director of Innovation Meg Stowe at mstowe@rockyhill.orgREAD MORE

Beowulf: Heorot Revisited
“If poetry and the arts do anything, they can fortify your inner life, your inwardness.” – Seamus Heaney, poet, and translator of Beowulf.

Following the reading of Heaney’s translation, students in Ms. Snyman’s English elective, Telling and Retelling, each took on the role of the scop (storyteller) to interpret, reimagine, and retell the classic epic poem. The product was a collective reenactment of the telling of Beowulf, in Anglo-Saxon England. Each tale, within the tale, was skillfully accompanied by selected images and punctuated with music and sound clips. The video captures snapshots from each of the tales as told to the warriors and their king.

Change Makers – Matt Sarnoff ’04 Presents to US
This Thursday, we were excited to welcome back to campus Matt Sarnoff, who graduated from RHS in 2004. He shared his journey as a Rocky Hill student and alum—from designing the school’s first “homework hotline” as a student back in 2002, to studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon, to taking on Silicon Valley. Matt took those experiences with him to Glowforge, a company that helps bring laser cutter technology to homes and schools, with one of the most successful kick starter campaigns in history. Matt tied his success, and the success of Glowforge, back to the Student Competencies, noting how interpersonal skills and mindset far outweigh any facts or knowledge people bring to their roles. He was excited to see that his alma mater is fostering these skills in students. Matt expressed his appreciation for discussion based learning and the opportunity to create and tinker while he was a student here.

Maker Class Adapts PowerChair For Brookie!
For several months, the amazing students in the Maker course, under the leadership of Andy Hoffman-Patalona, have been busy designing, engineering, and prototyping a power-wheels chair for Brookie, an 8-year old girl with cerebral palsy. Brookie is a vibrant and energetic girl. She has a mobility chair that won’t fit through doors in her home, but which moves around perfectly well outdoors. Our students have been personalizing and tweaking this power-vehicle to accommodate the size of her house and her personality, right down to the hot pink joy-stick, which was designed and 3D printed right here at school. Stay tuned for an update on a visit from Brookie to RHS to try out her new power chair.

Culture Caravan Visits 3rd Grade
On Monday, April 1st, the Culture Caravan from the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology visited the 3rd grade to present “Native Peoples of the Southwest: The Hopi.” The students had the opportunity to explore artifacts and traditions, learn a dance, and make pinch pots. The experience offered the 3rd graders a lot to think about as they prepare to answer the driving question: “How can we as museum curators expand our community’s understanding of the Native Peoples of North America in the past and present?”

Accepted Student Days
Last week Rocky Hill hosted two Admitted Students events:

On April 2nd, current RHS 8th graders joined newly accepted students to the Class of 2023. What a fun welcome! Breakfast, scavenger hunt, polaroid photos, making pottery, and enjoying a student panel filled the entire morning. Everyone left with a new Class of 2023 T-shirt.

On April 3rd, current RHS 5th graders welcomed incoming middle school students for an afternoon of ice cream and games. Everyone left with a new friend and great anticipation for starting RHS Middle School in the fall.

JustLearn’s founder brings Planet Box to RHS

Students in all three divisions recently set up a Planet Box. We were honored to have JustLearn founder Djimo Serodio share these ecosystems with us. They are living models of our planet that make learning science fun. PlanetBox uses the science of aquaponics ecosystems with the integration of fish, bacteria, and plants to expose students to the largest cycles on our planet.

1st and 3rd Grade Buddies Build Bridges
The 1st and 3rd grades partnered up during the last week of March to explore architecture and engineering. On Monday, the students read Rosie Revere, Engineer and discussed the qualities of good problem solvers and the emotions that accompany the innovation process. On Tuesday, they traveled to The Vets theater to see Rosie Revere, Engineer live on stage. In the performance, Rosie and her friends had to build a bridge when they got stranded on a field trip. When the 1st and 3rd graders returned to school, their teachers challenged them to work in teams to design and build their own bridges out of marshmallows and toothpicks. The project wrapped up on Thursday when the students tested the bridges to see how much weight they could hold. The students did an amazing job communicating and thinking critically as they engaged in this fun collaborative project.

State Archives PBL
As part of their continuing project based learning experiences, 4th and 5th graders will be participating in an advocacy campaign to build a new State Archives. Through their ongoing relationship with Mrs. Lane Sparkman, Associate Director of Education and Public Programs at the RI Department of State, students will be provided with facts and figures they can use to make their arguments for a new State Archives. They will write postcards to their legislators in support of a new facility. This experience helps reinforce the importance of maintaining important state archives while also providing an opportunity to serve as engaged citizens.

Kids’ Night In/Parents’ Night Out
Fun was had by all at Kids’ Night In/Parents’ Night Out on March 29th. Thank you to all who participated. And, a huge thank you to our faculty chaperones (Mr. L., Mrs. Fairchild, Miss Rizzo, Mr. Mike, Mr. Wyzga, and Mrs. Walker) and the Catallozzi Family, and Switch Photo Booth for donating to the event. CLICK HERE the photo booth photos–super cute!

Portfolio Art Show – April 16
Don’t miss these impressive presentations by the US Portfolio Art class. Stop by to view their work or stay for the full program.

Athletes of the Week

Kaeley Zito ’22 – Girls Lacrosse: Kaeley posted an amazing week in both practices and games while taking on a leadership role and showing extraordinary effort.


Grace Starociak ’21 – Tennis: Grace exhibited pride and attention to detail in her training last week, as well as displaying resiliency in the face of injury.



RHS Took Over LineSider Brewing Company
Thanks to everyone who came out to LineSider last week. The crowd was filled with parents, alumni, faculty, students, and even families enrolled for next year. Many thanks to Megan Williams for organizing. 

RHS Students Compete in Model UN
Mia Zheng ’21, Nicholas McConnell ’20, and Ding Wen ’19 competed in the Model United Nations at Wheaton College this past weekend. They represented the interests of Argentina, Rwanda, and Liberia in a crisis committee and general assembly setting. Mia, Nick, and Ding represented RHS extremely well, and Ding Wen brought home one of the honorary awards. They were led by Profesora Abregu and Bryant University students.

Alyssa Grayson ’19 – Best in Show

Alyssa Grayson ’19 was recently honored at the RI 4-H Photo and Fine Arts Fair. She received a blue ribbon and Best of Show for her acrylic painting “Bengal” and a blue ribbon and Best of Show for her photo, “Tala Von Alexa”

Cortlandt Meyerson ’20 Swims at Nationals
Cort Meyerson ’20 qualified for and competed in the 2019 YMCA National Swimming Championships, swimming in six races, including time trials, during the week-long competition in Greensboro, NC from April 1st-5th. Fighting a lingering respiratory illness, Cort couldn’t surpass his stellar results at the New England Championships at M.I.T. two weeks previously, where he placed 3rd in the 100-yard freestyle and 4th in the 50-yard freestyle, with an excellent time of 21.73 seconds. At the Nationals, Cort competed against the top 15-18 year-old swimmers in the United States in each event. His three female South County teammates were a vital and supportive part of the Rhode Island delegation, which included about a dozen swimmers. Cort looks forward to next year’s National Championships and the upcoming Long Course season, which begins in May.

Bridget Kist ’17 Headed to Tanzania for Internship
Bridget Kist ’17 was named the 2019 winner of the $5,000 scholarship that will fund her nursing internship in Tanzania this coming May. Bridget wrote to Ms. Snyman to say, “I am so grateful for your help in writing a recommendation letter and for your efforts in grooming me into the person I am today. I will be working this summer at SEA Camp, and hope to see you so I can thank you in person. Best wishes for a successful end to the school year!”

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March 29, 2019

Mark Your Calendar
Upper School PTL Meeting: Tuesday, April 2 | 8:30-9:45 a.m. | Flynn Lecture Hall
Lower School PTL Meeting: 
Thursday, April 4 | 8:30-9:45 a.m. | LS Blue Room
RHS Night at LineSider: Thursday, April 4 | 5:00-7:00 p.m. | LineSider Brewing Co. | 1485 S. County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818

Preschool Pot Luck: 
Thursday, April 4 | 5:30-7:00 p.m. | LS Blue Room
Gala Committee Meeting:  Friday, April 5 | 8:30-10:00 a.m. | Hopelands
Middle School PTL Meeting:  Tuesday, April 9 | 8:30-9:45 a.m. | MS Commons
Portfolio Art Show Reception:  Tuesday, April 16

Looking ahead…

School Closed: Friday, April 19 – Monday, April 22
Spring Instrumental Concert: Tuesday, April 30
Prom: Saturday, May 4
Choral Concert: Thursday, May 9
Orient Express Gala: Saturday, May 18

Yearbook FINAL Deadline – Monday, April 1
Don’t miss your chance to receive a yearbook. The yearbook highlights all divisions and is a wonderful keepsake. To place your order:

      1. Visit www.coffeepond.com and select “Order Yearbook” under the yearbook menu at the top of the page.
      2. Enter the Rocky Hill School password: TheCrest2019.
      3. Follow the prompts to complete your order.

Please note you will not be able to place an order after April 1st at 11:59 p.m. The cost is $80. If you are not sure if you ordered a book, simply enter your email address after selecting “Order Yearbook” to check. You can also email Ms. Basu at kbasu@rockyhill.org.

RHS to Host Mindfulness Conference – June 21
Rocky Hill School is hosting this year’s Mindfulness Conference along with Center For Resilience and Middlesex School With 27 presenters, 25 topics, and 3 keynote speakers, this conference is not to be missed. The conference is perfect for parents, as well as educators interested in bringing mindfulness practice into their lives and work. Register today to reserve your spot for this amazing event REGISTRATION, #mindfulness #selfaware

SEA – New Nike Sports & High School Offerings
Summer camps and programs are open for registration! There’s something for everyone – boating, sports, arts, building, computers, you name it, we have it. Register today: rockyhill.org/sea

High School programs in Art or Business, including SAT prep and college tours.

We offer week-long camps for children ages 3-14 to learn and explore through sailing, kayaking, robotics, arts, theater, woodworking, cooking, sports and much more. Extended day options available. Also, Nike US Sports Camps, Lead the Way FH, Stingrays Soccer, and Top Edge Tennis.

RHEA & RHEA+ Spring Registration Open
Rocky Hill Enrichment Academy (RHEA) is a before and after-school program that provides academic, artistic, and athletic opportunities for K-8 students in the community. RHEA+ is an opportunity for adults to take courses. For more information contact Caitlin MacDonald.

Spring RHEA & RHEA+ 2019 Session Basics:
April 8 – May 29 (each course is six weeks unless noted)
3:30 – 4:45 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)
Register by Thursday, April 4, 2019

RHEA Courses: 
Outdoor Pursuits (Grades K-3) | Outdoor Adventures (Grades 4-8)
Fun and Games (Grades PreK-5) | Learn to Play Violin II (Grades PK-3)
Punch and Paint (Grades PreK-5) | Hihilulu (Grades K-3)
Patty Cakes (Grades 3-6) | RHS Percussion Club (Grades 3-8)
Click here for course descriptions and register!

RHEA+ Course: 
Raku Pottery, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Donate Your Travel Hygiene Products
Did you stay in a hotel over spring break? Middle School is collecting hotel amenities as well as any size personal hygiene products for Amenity Aid. Products such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razors, deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrushes are all welcome. Products should be unused. Collection bins are located in Hale and the Carriage House.

Amenity Aid provides toiletries for shelters across Rhode Island. Liz Duggan, the founder, came to speak to the Middle School in January about the organization and why she started it.

Orient Express Spring Gala – May 18th
All aboard! Please mark your calendar for The Orient Express Gala and Auction on Saturday, May 18th at the Atlantic Resort Newport. This signature fundraising event is sure to surprise and delight and is not to be missed! Look for your invitation to come in the mail soon or register online today! ORIENT EXPRESS GALA

Lower School Family Spring Fling  

Don’t miss the Lower School Let’s Glow Family Spring Fling on April 26th, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. This fun-filled night is for all Lower School students and their families. RSVP online today!

AAA – Shifting Gears
Seniors and juniors participated in an interactive presentation called Shifting Gears: the Blunt Truth about Marijuana and Driving presented by AAA. Students learned about the impact of driving under the influence of marijuana. The program included an opportunity to attempt the simple task of catching a ball unimpaired, and then while wearing goggles that impair the participant’s ability to accurately perceive color. This lack of perception means the participant does not have all the necessary information to successfully complete specially designed activities. This models recreational marijuana’s true effects by diminishing the user’s capacity to make quick, accurate decisions, which causes them to miss important external cues that could lead to a crash, if driving under the influence.

Sproutel Partnership Continues
Students and parents engaged with Sproutel this week. The team was on campus to conduct testing and provide feedback to explore their next product, designed to help those experiencing stress or anxiety. Nick Mead worked with a parent and faculty group while Hannah Chung came to lunch to vote on some preliminary names for the plush companion toy. #realworldlearning

Pop Music, Politics and Protest
During the first semester, students in “Pop Music, Politics, and Protest,” a history elective offered this year, completed a PBL that reflected the musical genres of the 1960s. The goal of the project was to create EPs (3-4 song albums), complete with album art and write-ups that channeled the culture of protest embedded in the music and artists the class studied. Some of the songs were originals, while others were covers with sonic approaches that differed from those of the original recordings. VISIT THEIR WEB PAGE TO LEARN MORE

College Tour
Eight adventurous juniors joined Director of College Counseling Ms. Dowling on a three-day college exploration tour over break. Traveling in a mini-bus driven by chauffeur extraordinaire, Mrs Karah Chartrand, they looked at colleges of a wide variety of types, sizes, and locations that included Trinity College, University of Connecticut, Yale University, Quinnipiac University, Sacred Heart University, and Fairfield University, where the group had lunch with RHS alumna Maddie Dutilly ’18. Students learned how college visits work, what types of questions to ask tour guides, what demonstrated interest is, and how to differentiate among various college environments, missions, and selectivity rates.

Ms. Dowling noted, “I was tremendously proud to be with Rocky Hill students, who asked the best questions and served as excellent ambassadors of our school. We had some fun, too, partaking in the famous home-made ice cream at UConn’s Dairy Bar and then finishing up the tour with a group dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.”

Leadership RI Team Visits RHS
This Wednesday, ten members of the current Leadership Rhode Island class visited RHS as part of their education day. The team heard from Diane Rich, Mike Gwaltney, and Meg Stowe about the ways in which the School is re-envisioning education, to provide deeper and more impactful learning, with a focus on the Student Competencies. 

LEEP Week, Version 1.0
(LEEP: Learn, Explore, Envision and Present)
The Middle School launched its first ever LEEP Week during the week leading up to Spring Break. During this week, the students were placed into mixed grade groups, with each group being given a longitude and latitude and the following driving question; “How can Rocky Hill students develop sustainable solutions for global issues?” Each group was then charged with designing a solution that addressed a particular issue or challenge facing the location they were given. During the week, we heard from innovators and entrepreneurs about some of the processes that they went through in designing their products. The week ended with the student groups each presenting a one-minute pitch of their ideas to parents and faculty. The students collaborated well and did a great deal in such a short amount of time. LINK TO PITCHES

Middle School Wall of Awesome
The Middle School got its own “Wall of Awesome” over break, thanks to US senior Faythe Schulte ’19 and the maintenance team. The Wall of Awesome was launched last year in the Upper School as a means to share good news, words of encouragement, and accolades among students and faculty.

Endangered Species Management

Lou Perrotti, the Director of Conservation at Roger Williams Park Zoo,  presented to the Endangered Species Management class. Mr. Perrotti spoke about his work around the reintroduction of the Timber Rattlesnake, the overall management and conservation of endangered species, and his experiences, travel, and field work as a conservationist.

Arts Showcased at National Art Education Convention
Over break, Middle School Art Teacher Rachael Armentano presented a talk highlighting the Empty Bowls art project and the service learning event hosted by the Middle School. Rachael delivered her talk, titled “Filling Empty Bowls with Empathy,” on the big stage of the Hynes Convention Center, as part of a session called “Curriculum with Criticality: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” at the National Art Education Association Annual Convention. She focused her talk on how she evolved the traditional Empty Bowls format into an opportunity to teach students about poverty, empathy, social justice, and taking action toward positive community change through art.

Also at the conference, Rachel and Sam Weiler ’20 presented with Dr. Patty Bode in a session called “Transgender Identities and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies”. They addressed 50 educators from around the country. Dr. Bode spoke about affirming transgender identities when she, as a middle school principal, brought a traveling photo exhibit featuring an array of portraits of transgender individuals to her school, and shared research and resources with the audience. Rachel interviewed Sam for the second half of the presentation, facilitating as he highlighted his personal story and ways schools and educators can support transgender youth. Sam spoke about the many ways Rocky Hill School has encouraged him and the positive impact the arts have provided.

Rachel Armentano Presents at Highlander Institute
Over spring break, Rachel Armentano presented on the Middle School Empty Bowls art project, installation, and PBL efforts at the Highlander Institute in Providence as a presenter for the PBL RI monthly meet up.

Winter Athletics Awards
Congratulations to our student athletes who were recognized at the Winter Athletics Awards ceremony and to all of our teams for a great season.

Middle School
Boys Basketball
A Team Resiliency Award: Hadley Martinez ’23
A Team Effort Award: Brennan Hill ’24
A Team Pride Award: Derek Block ’23

B Team Resiliency Award: Maxwell Brooks ’24
B Team Effort Award: Josh Bowater ’24
B Team Pride Award: Cole Brown ’24

Middle School Girls Basketball
Resiliency Award: Lexi Cote ’23
Effort Award: Skye Connell ’24
Pride Award: Katie Kerachsky ’23

Upper School Sports
Co-op/ Individual Varsity Sports
RIIL Swimming: Cortlandt Meyerson ’20
RIIL Ice Hockey: Benjamin Liebermensch ’22

RIIL Varsity E-Sports
Offensive Player of the Year: Benjamin Pogacar ’20
Defensive Player of the Year: Jiapeng “Rahn” Chen ’19
Mariner Award: George Gabro ’21

SENE Girls Varsity Basketball
Offensive Player of the Year: Kaeley Zito ’22
Defensive Player of the Year: Charlotte Boss ’22
Mariner Award: Taylor Cote ’21

SENE “All League” Award: Kaeley Zito ’22, Charlotte Boss ’22, Ptolemy Tassone ’19
SENE “All League” Honorable Mention: Paige Johnson ’22

SENE/NEPSAC Boys Varsity Basketball
NEPSAC Tournament Class D Runner-up
Offensive Player of the Year: Steven Lora ’19
Defensive Player of the Year: Jay-Juan Hayes ’19
Mariner Award: Mohammed Danmola ’19
SENE “All League” Award: Jay-Juan Hayes ’19, Steven Lora ’19, Mohammed Danmola ’19
NEPSAC “All League” Award: Jay-Juan Hayes ’19, Steven Lora ’19

SENE/NEPSAC Boys JV Basketball
Mariner Award: Nicholas McConnell ’20
Mariner Award: Jeremiah Malone ”21
Mariner Award: Dante Garcia ’21

Athletes of the Week
Congratulations to our first spring Athletes of the Week in Girls Lacrosse.
Sara Laurent ’21 displayed great effort and attitude during preseason and impressed coaches not only with her improvement but also her confidence with the ball.


Eve Weiner ’20 posted a tremendous preseason and showed great hustle in drills and smart play in scrimmage sessions.



RHS Takes Over LineSider Brewing Company
Calling all families and friends of Rocky Hill School! Join us for an exclusive RHS night at the new LineSider Brewing Co., located at 1485 S County Trail in East Greenwich. Rocky Hill School will be “taking over” on Thursday, April 4th, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. There will be no cover charge and food will be available on site from Paco’s Tacos. Craft beer, great food, great company, music, and games — what could be better on a Thursday night!

Ben Rosenberg ’19 Sailing Success
This past weekend, Ben Rosenberg ‘19 and his crew Sidney Charbonnet, took 3rd place in the Nacra 15 Midwinters West held at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. With racing canceled on Sunday, due to light wind, Team Rosenberg/Charbonnet were only one point away from 2nd place and four points away from 1st.

Stefy Andreev ’21 Artwork Recognized
Congratulations to Stefy Andreev ’21 whose painting “Paul McCartney”, was selected for the Newport Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition. Her work was on display from February 2nd – March 17th  in the Museum’s historic Griswold House. This year’s jurors were Dr. Helen Burnham, the Pamela and Peter Voss Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and Dr. Leora Maltz-Leca, Chair of the Department of Theory & History of Art & Design at RISD and Curator of Contemporary Projects at the Redwood Library & Athenaeum. This is a significant achievement since the competition was for professional artists of all ages.

Sabrina Dumas ’16 Playing LAX at Wellesley
Sabrina Dumas ’16 (number 13) is a starting defender on the Women’s Lacrosse team at Wellesley. She is enjoying college-level lacrosse and the team recently traveled to Memphis, TN for Spring Break where they played Rhodes College.


Allison DeGerlia ’16 Published in Professional Annual
Allison DeGerlia ’16 submitted a manuscript, “Interruptions in Gender in TV Political Commentary,” to The Pennsylvania Communication Annual, a refereed journal of the Pennsylvania Communication Association. She recently learned that her submission was accepted for publication. The acceptance rate was less than 34 percent. Allison is also studying in India for the semester and loving it.

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March 1, 2019

RHS Nominated as a Top Private School in RI

Rocky Hill School has been nominated for the Providence Journal Readers’ Choice Awards, Top Private School in RI. The winner is decided by you, the voters, so please visit the poll and cast your vote daily for RHS from now until March 20th. Share on your social media networks and ask friends and family to vote for RHS as well. CLICK TO VOTE

Mark Your Calendar

Curtains – US Musical:  Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2| 7:00 p.m. | Campbell Center
Boys Varsity Basketball NEPSAC Semi-Finals:  Saturday, March 2 |  6:00 p.m. | RHS Sharpe Gymnasium
Middle School L.E.E.P. Week: March 4 – 8, Student Presentations Friday, March 8 | 1:00-3:00 p.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium
ACE Parent Coffee:  Monday, March 4 | 8:30 a.m. | Campbell Conference Room
Gala Committee Meeting:
Tuesday, March 5 | 8:30 a.m. | Hopelands
All-School Pajama Day:  Thursday, March 7 (read more below)
Spring Break College Tour for Juniors:  March 11 – 13
Spring Break:  March 11 – 24
Kids’ On-Campus Party: March 29 | 6:00-9:00 p.m. | Sharpe Gymnasium

Admission Office Update

We had a very busy admission season and are excited to report that applications are up by 46% over this time last year. We would like to thank our faculty, staff, parents, and Nathan Hale tour guides for their amazing support and advocacy for RHS. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the acceptance videos going out to our future Mariners. Many thanks to seniors Grady Sumrall and Jason DeGerlia for filming and producing the videos.

ACE Parent Coffee:
Reading Comprehension Strategies For All Ages

Please join us on March 4th from 8:30-9:30 a.m. for coffee and discussion about effective approaches to teaching reading comprehension to children of all ages. From early and pre-readers to Upper School seniors, there are approaches that can help our children enjoy reading as they become more confident readers.

Pajama Day for Paradise, CA – March 7th
Photo: Scott Strazzante / The Chronicle
The Interact Club is hosting a special Pajama Day to raise funds to support students from Paradise, CA who have been impacted by the wildfires. Eight Paradise Unified school sites and nearly 9,000 homes were either damaged or destroyed in the town. The Club has partnered with the Paradise, CA Rotary Club who are helping them find meaningful ways to connect with and support students from the town. Students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School as well as faculty, and staff can wear pajamas on Thursday, March 7th with a donation of $2 for the cause.

College Counseling News
Landmark College in Vermont is hosting a Post-Secondary Fair on March 28th for students who learn differently. DETAILS

Parents’ Night Out – Kids’ Party at RHS
Up to forty RHS children (grades K-8) will enjoy a lively night on campus with friends while parents get the night out. Faculty members Mrs. Fairchild, Ms. Rizzo, Mr. Laurent, Mr. Mike (Lawson), and Mr. Wyzga will be on hand to supervise a three-hour extravaganza complete with a bouncy house, a movie, photo booth, pizza, popcorn, and assorted games in the Sharpe Gymnasium. Don’t miss out! Spots are limited to first come, first served. The price per child is $50 and the event runs from 6:00-9:00 p.m. All proceeds support RHS students and faculty. CLICK HERE to register and see who’s coming.

Learning in Action

At Rocky Hill School, our students are engaged in deep learning every day. Whether they collaborate with outside experts, engage in Project Based Learning, or act as good citizens, we celebrate the impact they have on their learning and the world around them.

Hear to Speak – Learning Diversity Through Music

Greg Tatevian ’20 accompanying the band.

In honor of Black History Month, the entire school was treated to a performance by an incredible group of musicians, led by Greg Sherrod on vocals, with Paul Williams on Guitar, Willie Moss, Jr. on Bass, Osi Brathwaite on Drums, and our own Matt Gnolfo accompanying on the Keyboard. Sherrod discussed the roots of blues music and how black musicians have influenced many other musical genres. The performance supports this year’s diversity theme, “Hear to Speak,” focusing on music as an art of authentic listening. WATCH VIDEOS

Lessons in Leadership
On February 19th, Pam Herath and Sara DuPont from Strive came to talk about leadership and culture development with some students and the coaching staff. Strive is an organization that offers a research-based, customizable curriculum that begins with self-knowledge, moves into culture building, and ultimately instills the habit of rigorous leadership practice.

2nd Grade Gets Serious About Chemistry
Recently, the 2nd grade has been studying properties of substances in science.  This week, they visited the Upper School Chemistry room to separate a mixture of sand, salt, popcorn kernels, and iron filings using different properties, such as size, magnetism, and solubility.

Middle School Prepares to L.E.E.P. Into Action
Next week, the Middle School will be immersed in L.E.E.P. Week, led by Middle School teacher Jennifer Randall. Students placed themselves in small, multi-grade groups and will be given a set of coordinates to a location somewhere in the world. Their job throughout the week will be to uncover the needs of a selected community and, with the assistance of faculty and experts, will develop an idea that could help the community. The students will pitch their solutions on Friday. We are excited to see what solutions the students will develop. Middle School parents are invited to come for the pitch event on Friday at 1:00 p.m.

1st and 2nd Graders Visit Eric Carle Museum
1st and 2nd graders traveled to Amherst, MA to visit the Eric Carle Museum. The mission of the museum is to inspire a love of art and reading through picture books. From a celebration of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the Illustrated Owls: A Who’s Hoo from the Museum’s Vault exhibit, the students enjoyed this experience linked to their interdisciplinary PBL about being an author and illustrator.

6th Graders Go Greek
Sixth graders study Ancient History, including Greek mythology. The unit culminates with a summit where students dress and present themselves as Greek gods and goddesses. Who wouldn’t want to be Athena, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill?

“Double, double toil and trouble!”
Photo courtesy of Mark Turek

On Tuesday this week, Ms. Snyman and the English 10 Honors students wrapped up their study of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth—or should we embrace the curse and say that “Scottish play”—by attending a non-traditional performance of the bard’s famous tragedy at Trinity Rep. The students’ familiarity with the text and language, as well as their deep understanding of the themes and the resonant motifs led to lively feedback and thought-provoking critique over burgers and wraps at the Trinity Brewhouse.

3rd Graders Kick-off Indigenous Peoples Study
On Wednesday, February 27th, the Culture Caravan from Brown University’s Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology came to the 3rd grade classroom to present “Native People of the Arctic.” This presentation kicked off the 3rd grade unit on the history and culture of the Indigenous Peoples of North America. The students had the opportunity to interact with artifacts from the Yup’ik and Inupiaq people in Alaska, play games, and create snow goggles. The presentation inspired the students to think about the connection between the land and how people live.

Don’t Miss Curtains 

The Deckhands Theater Company invites you to see the musical comedy Curtains this Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd at 7:00 p.m. in the Campbell Center. This parody of the 1950s “whodunnit” mysteries tells the story of a detective who investigates a series of murders that take place behind the scenes of a fictional cowboy musical, Robbin’ Hood.

Athletes of the Week
Kudos to Paige Johnson ’22 (Varsity Girls Basketball) who received Athlete of the Week for her second time this season and third time this year. Paige showed amazing strength and effort in the final match-up of the season against an aggressive offense. She balanced working hard in practices all season, along with her commitment to the Deckhands Theater Company.

Congratulations to Cortlandt Meyerson ’20 who put a cap on his successful swim season grabbing third place overall in the state in the 50 Free. Cort practiced late in the evening and traveled all season, showing pride in his craft and great resiliency.

Boys Basketball NEPSAC Semifinal Game
Wear your blue and white and come out to cheer on the Varsity Boys Basketball team in their quest for the New England Class D Championship. They are the #2 seed and hosting Chase Collegiate School for the home game. The game is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd in the Sharpe Gymnasium at 6:00 p.m. (note new time).

Spring Sports Practice Reminder 
Mark your calendars—Varsity Girls Lacrosse practice will begin on March 20th and all other spring sports will begin March 25th.

Nike and Competitive Sports Camps This Summer

Ms. Williams is excited to announce that Nike Sports Camps are coming to Rocky Hill School this summer. This is part of our effort to bring great training to RHS. She has worked with Nike Camps for the past five years and heralds them as some of the best summer experiences on the market for young athletes (Nike Flyer). Aside from our Nike Field Hockey, Soccer, and Boys Lacrosse opportunities, we will also be bringing in stellar programming in Girls Lacrosse, Boys Basketball, and Girls Basketball, as well as opportunities like Tennis, leadership, and speed & agility training. Registration for summer camps start March 4. For more information visit our Summer Enrichment Academy page.

Bella Robinson ’20 represented RHS with pride at TEDxURI this past weekend. Bella was the first and only high school student to present at a TEDx event in the state. Bella shared, “I was so fortunate to get the opportunity to speak at TEDxURI this year! I felt so much support from the entire Rocky Hill Community, and couldn’t have done it without the support of Ms. Snyman, my friends, and family.” Watch the live stream HERE. (Note:  Bella’s presentation is at the 200:10 point in the broadcast)

Congratulations to Alex Greim ’21 and Kristina Greim ’23. Both are in their fifth year studying Taekwondo and recently earned their Decided Black Belts.

Félicitations to Upper and Middle School French teacher Mackenzie Pham and her husband Tri who welcomed baby Emerson on February 13th. Welcome to the Rocky Hill family!

Look who had an accidental twins day – Mrs. Fairchild and Ms. Runshe!

Send us your news!

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February 15, 2019

Chinese New Year Celebration

The entire school assembled last week to watch a wonderful array of performances to celebrate Chinese New Year. The program was designed by students and included musical performances, artwork, poetry, and videos. This is a favorite event each year and a fabulous way to honor cultural traditions.

Mark Your Calendar
Presidents Day Weekend:  February 16 – 19 – NO SCHOOL
Boys & Girls SENE Semifinals Double Header: February 20 | Sharpe Gym | Girls begin at 4:00 p.m. | Boys begin at 5:30 p.m.
RI Boys State Swimming Championship:  February 23 | 10:30 a.m. | Brown University 
US Musical Curtains:
 March 1-2 | 7:00-9:00 p.m. | Campbell Center

New Afternoon Pickup Procedure
As we continue to evaluate and tweak the procedure for afternoon pickup, we are making the following changes effective next Wednesday, February 20th:

  • All students from all divisions will be picked up in the front near Hopelands.
  • Only buses will be allowed in the back parking lot for afternoon dismissal.
  • Cars will be allowed to pickup in the back parking lot after 4:30 p.m.
  • Morning drop-off will not change.
  • Parent parking is allowed only in the spaces adjacent to Hopelands or in the labeled spots near the tennis courts. The rest of the spaces are assigned faculty/staff parking spots.
  • Parking in the back for after-school athletic events is still permitted after dismissal time.
  • This does not impact student parking in the back lot.

We will have RHS personnel outside at pickup time to assist with and monitor the process. Thank you for your cooperation as we strive for improvement!

Re-enrollment Contracts Coming Soon!
Be on the lookout for re-enrollment contract notices to arrive via email at the end of February. We are excited to roll out our new online registration process which means you will not receive a paper contract this year. Contracts should be submitted by April 8th. If you have any questions, please contact Director of Admission Jan Cooney at 884.9070 ext. 104.

A New Look for the Middle School Commons
Over the last month, the Middle School Commons has been under construction. Thanks to donations from Middle School parents, the Fall Classic, and the PTL, this important assembly space was painted and had new carpet installed. It all came together just in time for the MS Art Show. Stop by to see the new space.

Last Call for Yearbook Tributes
Don’t forget that the deadline to order and submit Yearbook tributes is TODAY -Friday, February 15th. Your tribute can include quotes, personal messages, and/or photos to celebrate your graduate. Sponsors are also welcome to send their good wishes to graduating seniors while promoting their business. Prices:  full page – $250, half page – $140, quarter page – $75. Design assistance is available.  LEARN MORE

Food for Thought
Get caught up on some of the articles our faculty are reading. This week, Upper School faculty reviewed How Do Schools Train for a Workplace That Doesn’t Exist Yet? (Hechinger Report). Experts believe that so-called “soft skills”—critical thinking, problem solving, and communication—are key and will serve young people no matter how their jobs evolve with new technologies. For educators, the big challenge is figuring out how best to teach students not just to receive knowledge, but also to apply it. Some states have begun mandating that schools teach soft skills. Project Based Learning encourages collaboration and solving complex problems that have real world applications.

Learning in Action

At Rocky Hill School, our students are engaged in deep learning every day. Whether they collaborate with outside experts, engage in Project Based Learning, or act as good citizens, we celebrate the impact they have on their learning and the world around them.

Nature’s Classroom

The 7th grade participated in the annual adventure to Nature’s Classroom in Charlton, MA last week. As part of a three-day program, the students explored the forests and trails, learned how to make coyote and owl calls, and made a campfire in damp conditions. They also solved group challenges and explored a variety of science topics through experimentation. A highlight of their time at Nature’s Classroom was the “On the Streets” exercisewhich was a simulation that focused on the challenges of homelessness, and more specifically, trying to get out of a homeless situation.  The students were each given a character profile, and they had to visit various offices (Employment, Housing, Health Services, etc.) as that person, and spend a “day” trying to work through the system.

Upper and Middle School Connections
Each year, a team of Upper School students serve as buddies to students in the Middle School. This provides opportunities for Middle School students to learn more about life at the high school and to make connections with older students to ease the transition. Recently, the 11th and 7th grade buddies got together for some team building fun.

Kindergarten and 6th Grade Garden Buddies
The kindergarten students paired up with their 6th grade garden buddies to get their hands dirty and learn about horticulture. We are all excited to see how the garden will grow this spring with this team of gardeners tending the soil!

8th Grade Takes Annual Trek to Quebec
Mr. Jedrey and Ms. Rich took a team of excited 8th graders to historic Quebec City for a three-day immersion where they experienced the history and culture of our neighbors to the north. The trip was packed with unforgettable activities including skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and tobogganing; visiting the Fields of Abraham, Montmorency Falls, and the Village of Huron; and tubing at Val Cartier.

Their third and final day was spent enjoying bowls of chocolate chaud, dog sledding, and visits to the Notre Dame Basilica, Morin Center, Place Royale, and Cabin de Sucre. The group also spent time at le Bon Homme du Carnival with their fellow Rhode Islanders from PCD who joined them on the trip.

Robotics Team Competes at States

The US Robotics Team recently qualified to compete in the state finals for FIRST Robotics. While they did not come away with the win, it proved to be a valuable learning experience. Everyone had a good time and the robot performed very well, it was a great day overall. The team is eager to compete next year and build upon a very successful season.

Chinese New Year Trip to Boston
Last week, Ms. Shen and Mr. Chatterley took our international students on a trip to Boston to celebrate Chinese New Year. A visit to Chinatown and a great meal were part of the day.

3rd Grade PBL Field Trip
On February 13th, the 3rd grade class went to 5 Wits in Foxboro, MA. The field trip was one of eight trips the 3rd graders planned at the start of the year, as part of their Field Trip Project Based Learning experience. 5 Wits is a live-action adventure experience that requires participants to make decisions and solve puzzles. The students relied on their skills as ethical navigators and communicators to solve their mission. As you can see in this picture, they had a blast!

Student Work at Hera Gallery Honored

A selection of Upper School artwork is on view at the Hera Gallery’s 29th Biennial Young Adult Exhibition in Wakefield from February 2nd to February 23rd. We are pleased to announce that several students received awards of excellence.

Stefy Andreev ’21 with her award-winning painting

Congratulations to the following RHS student-artists:
Ceramics: 1st Place – Jasper Summers ’20, 2nd Place – Steven Lora ’19
Collage:  2nd Place – Molly Pierson ’22, 3rd Place – Beatrice Bevalacqua ’22
Painting:  2nd Place – Stefy Andreev ’21, Honorable Mention – Sara Laurent ’21

Middle School Empty Bowls Event & Art Show
The Middle School students have turned a year-long, multi-disciplinary Project Based Learning study of poverty. The powerful artwork display encourages viewers to think deeply from multiple viewpoints and think about what we can do to reduce the impact of poverty on the future of our community. The Empty Bowls Project is an international, grassroots, crafts-based effort to end hunger. On Wednesday, February 13th students shared their projects with their families and teachers. Staying true to the traditional Empty Bowls format, families brought donations for the local food pantry and enjoyed an evening of soup and artwork.

The 6th grade connected their ceramic bowl project to their exploration of farms, schools, and food pantries. The 7th grade created papiermâché bowls with artwork that empathetically conveyed the emotions of young people with and without sufficient basic needs. The 8th grade created a full art installation featuring their ceramic bowls that taught viewers about food insufficiency. In addition, the 7th grade math and health classes came up with soup recipes, calculated ingredients and nutrients, and presented them to board members from the North Kingstown Food Pantry as options for their recipe bag program. They cooked in the Flik kitchen and served two of the recipes for guests Wednesday evening. Rather than sending a bowl home with each family at the event, like a traditional Empty Bowls event does, students left the bowls on view as part of this educational art installation for the duration of the Middle School art show on display all week.

Mrs. Armentano would like to thank all of the teachers, parents, and students who contributed. Additionally, she is looking for testimonials from parents and visitors. If you visited the event or show and would like to share a few lines about your experience, please email her at rarmentano@rockyhill.org.

Upper School Chorus Performs at Higher Ground
The Upper School Chorus performed at Higher Ground in Providence. Higher Ground is an inter-generational social service NGO that advocates and provides programs for West African immigrants, refugees, and marginalized communities in Rhode Island and rural villages in Liberia, West Africa.  The students performed seven African songs, sang, and danced with the Liberian women who are part of the organization.

Athletes of the Week
Kobe Polley ’20 – Basketball:  Kobe snagged the honors in the last week of January for his effort in practice and his leadership role in a AAA match-up where he also dropped three 3’s.

Ptolemy Tassone ’19 – Basketball:  Ptolemy dominated last week, playing and practicing with focus and a high basketball IQ, helping her team to a two-win week.

Mo Danmola ’19 – Basketball:  Mo rose to the occasion last week, playing against tough opponents and taking a leadership role on senior night, all while displaying resiliency and pride.

SENE Semifinal Double Header
It’s official – we are hosting a doubleheader SENE semifinal varsity basketball night on Wednesday, February 20th. Girls will tip off at 4:00 p.m. and boys will follow at 5:30 p.m.
…and it is a BLUE OUT! Dust off your best blue outfit, get the face paint out, and get ready to show your Mariner PRIDE! Aside from excellent playoff basketball, the night will also feature:
– Full concession stand, including pizza, and RHS Spirit Wear
– Free blue & white face-painting
– Free spirit giveaways
– Halftime competitions during BOTH games
– Free cookies for the first 100 RHS students who show up in BLUE

– Free school snack passes raffled off during both games, courtesy of Chef J

State Championship in Boys Swimming 
Good luck to Cortlandt Meyerson ’20 who will be swimming the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard backstroke in the upcoming RIIL State Championship swim meet. If you want to cheer him on, he will hit the water at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, February 23 at Brown University. Please note it is a ticketed event.

Jump Rope for Heart a Success
Lower schoolers spent the morning jumping and dancing, all for a great cause! The students learned about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for heart health and also raised funds to support the American Heart Association during their annual Jump Rope for Heart program. So far, they have raised $3,707. The drive ends next Friday.

NEW! – Athletics Corporate Sponsorship Program
The Athletic Department is excited to announce a new opportunity for corporations and businesses to sponsor the athletic program and receive on-campus recognition for their support. Please share this information at your place of business or with companies you think might be interested in the program. LEARN MORE

Athletic Leadership Workshop
On Tuesday, February 19th, Rocky Hill School Athletics will be hosting a student-athlete leadership workshop, led by Pam Hearth, former Director of Curriculum for Strive and former Director of Positive Coaching Alliance. Pam will be running this workshop for us as a kickoff for the subsequent leadership trainings that we will be offering our student-athletes throughout the rest of 2019. Student leadership training is an important focus of the athletic department.

Gregory Tatevian ’21 recently auditioned for and was selected to participate in the Rhode Island Music Educators All-State Senior Division Orchestra. In addition to this prestigious accomplishment, another audition was held among the top four violinists to determine Concert Master, which is the 1st chair, 1st violin seat. We are so proud to announce that Greg was the winner of that audition and is now the 2019 All-State Orchestra Concert Master. On behalf of the entire RHS community, we offer our sincere congratulations to Greg!

Congratulations to Aviva Beringhause ’19 who officially committed to Massachusetts Maritime Academy and will play both soccer and lacrosse.

Former RHS teacher Kathy Priest is pictured with John Leyden ’14. John was an ACE student for years and credits the program with preparing him for the rigors of college. Kathy was invited to John’s graduation in December from Barry University in Miami, FL. He graduated Cum Laude in arts and sciences. He plans to become a psychologist and go to graduate school. Congratulations, John!

Send us your news!

Email a description and photo, if possible, to pr@rockyhill.org by noon on Tuesday for publication on Friday.

February 1, 2019

Robotics Team Moves on to State Championship
From left to right: Kaitlyn Jandrucko ’22, Ding Wen ’19, Ben Rosenberg ’19, David Zhang ’19, Ben Liebermensch ’22

This past Saturday, the RHS robotics team had their qualifier for the RI state championship. They finished the qualifying rounds in second place and ended up in the finals of the elimination rounds. This means they are heading to the state championship on February 9th at NEIT in Warwick. The team also picked up a design award and was the third place nominee for the Inspire Award (an award of  high honor for these competitions). We’ll keep you updated on how States turn out. Wish them luck!

Mark Your Calendar
8th Grade Quebec Trip:  Thursday, January 31 – Sunday, February 3
US Chinese New Year Trip:  Monday, February 4 | Boston, MA
PTL Executive Committee: 
Tuesday, February 5 | 8:30 a.m. | Head’s House
7th Grade Trip to Nature’s Classroom:
  February 6 – 8
Middle School Dance: Friday, February 8 | 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
8th Grade Parent Social:  Friday, February 8 | 6:30 p.m. | Head’s House
Middle School Art Show:  February 11 – 15 | Hale Building
MS Empty Bowls Event:  Tuesday, February 12 | 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. | MS Commons
All School PTL Meeting:  Tuesday, February 12 | 6:30 p.m. | Flynn Lecture Hall
US Parent Conference Day:  Friday, February 15 – NO SCHOOL FOR US
President’s Day Weekend:  February 16 – 19 – NO SCHOOL

Students Plan Chinese New Year Celebration

Rocky Hill Fund
Thank you to the many donors who have already given to the Rocky Hill Fund, our most important fundraising effort each year that supports academic programs, faculty/staff, campus needs, arts/athletics, and tuition assistance. Our goal of $400,000 can only be reached when we all pitch in.
There are several ways to make a gift:
Give a gift online
Mail a check made payable to Rocky Hill School
Make gifts of stock or securities
Give using the RHS Mobile App

There is still time to become a volunteer! Our upcoming Phonathon dates are February 13th and 27th. If you are interested, please contact Director of Alumni Relations and the Rocky Hill Fund Liz Isdale.

Save the Date…ACE Parent Coffee:
Reading Comprehension Strategies For All Ages
Please join us on March 4 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. for coffee and discussion about effective approaches to teaching reading comprehension to children of all ages. From early and pre-readers to Upper School seniors, there are approaches that can help our children enjoy reading as they become more confident readers.

Yearbook Tributes
Don’t forget that the deadline to order and submit Yearbook tributes is Friday, February 15th. Your tribute can include quotes, personal messages, and/or photos to celebrate your graduate. Sponsors are also welcome to send their good wishes to graduating seniors while promoting their business. Prices:  full page – $250, half page – $140, quarter page – $75. Design assistance is available.  LEARN MORE

Learning in Action

At Rocky Hill School, our students are engaged in deep learning every day. Whether they collaborate with outside experts, engage in Project Based Learning, or act as good citizens, we celebrate the impact they have on their learning and the world around them.

French 3 PBL: La Grande Guerre
This semester, the French 3 students spent time studying World War I from a European perspective and learned about how the Armistice is celebrated in France. To share what they learned with their peers and answer the question, “How can we teach people about the events that shaped World War I?”, they created a board game.

From left to right: Olivia Massotti ’20, Ms. Elena Rich, Pascale Burnett ’20, Nick McConnell ’20

On January 18th, they presented their prototype to a small group of students who got to play the game and provide feedback, and to Human Performance Tools Training and Consulting Founder James Newman (see his blog post on “How important is feedback when designing a learning game?” that talks specifically about the French 3 students’ game). Students will continue to perfect their board game and are looking forward to presenting the newer version to the students.

Civil Rights Poetry
To prepare for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the 6th graders read challenging texts from the Civil Rights era (newspaper and magazine articles, a letter from one activist to another, a lightly-adapted version of the Brown vs. Board of Education court ruling, the first part of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Washington speech, and more) and turned them into poems by extracting some words before reformatting the poems in verse. Here is a poem constructed by Jillian Pogacar ’25 from a letter written by Daisy Bates to Roy Wilkins on December 17, 1957.
Kindergarten and 4th Grade Pair Up to Code
Mr. L’s 4th graders paired with kindergarten tech buddies to practice programming, coding, and direction words, using Spheros. Everyone had a ball!

6th Grade Guest Speaker
From left to right: Sophie Holland, James Tillinghast, Jillian Pogacar, Katie O’Neil, Esme Reveron

The 6th grade welcomed Erin Tortura, co-founder of the WhatsGood app, website, and delivery service that connects local people with local products and fresh food year round. She taught students about the “push” and “pull” supply chain, demonstrating various ways that food gets from a farm to a consumer. This information ties in with their studies in English and Art.

US Students Travel to LearnLaunch Conference
During day one of the LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference, students explored trends in education, competencies, and experiences driving innovation. The conference, now in its 7th year, brings together a community to transform learning through innovation. Educators, entrepreneurs, education leaders, investors, education companies, and technology innovators from New England and beyond attend this annual event to discuss the burning questions of the day. A second team of students will travel to the conference on Friday. Many thanks to LearnLaunch for including our students and faculty at this important regional conference.

Lower School Visits Mother Goose at PPAC
Preschool-4th grade students and faculty enjoyed a wonderful morning at the Island Moving Company’s ballet performance of Mother Goose at the Providence Performing Arts Center. The kids reunited with Mother Goose herself, performed by “Miss Lisa”, our former Head Preschool Teacher who now lives in Arizona.

French Immersion
The French students had two wonderful experiences this past week. The Upper School French 2, 3 and 4/5 classes were able to visit the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket, where they learned about the Quebecois/French Canadian presence. They also enjoyed a traditional Quebecois lunch at a restaurant near the museum.

From left to right: Lillian Liebermensch ’24, Mara Newkirk ’24, Orabel Piccoli ’24

The 6th and 7th grade French students attended an all-day French Immersion Day at Bancroft School in Massachusetts this past Saturday. They attended a French cooking workshop, a presentation about French street art, and an African drumming workshop with a professional drummer from Mali.

Math and Design
5th and 6th grade kicked off their Math Building Project Based Learning experience with a trip to an empty lot on Post Road and the Jamestown playground. The classes are using the empty lot as the location for their family-friendly space. They will create scaled models of shops and playground structures. Stay tuned for details of their final showcase this spring.

2nd Grade PBL for AnimalsThe 2nd grade students ended their PBL project with a return trip to the Providence Animal Rescue League. The children raised money with a bake sale at school and made toys for the animals. They also painted rocks and made posters and fliers to help raise awareness. All the 2nd graders love animals and had a wonderful time helping the Rescue League.

Students Work on Display at Hera Gallery

A selection of Upper School artwork is on view at the Hera Gallery’s 29th Biennial Young Adult Exhibition in Wakefield from February 2nd to February 23rd. See the gallery website for hours.

Artwork by: Olivia Massotti ’20, Molly Pierson ’22, Sara Laurent ’21

Work on view:
Ceramics work: Jasper Summer ’20, George Kass ’20, Kobe Polley ’20, Steven Lora ’19
Charcoal portraits: Sinead Burnett ’21, Ptolemy Tassone ’19
Collage self-portraits: Beatrice Bevilacqua ’22, Molly Pierson ’22, Bennett Fine ’22, Steven Miao ’22
Drawing: Olivia Massotti ’20
Paintings: Stefy Andreev ’21, Sara Laurent ’21, Val Sian ’21

Middle School Art Events
The Middle School Art Show will be in the MS Commons from Monday, February 11th through Thursday, February 14th.

Empty Bowls returns on Tuesday, February 12th from 5:00-6:30 p.m. Middle School students and families are encouraged to attend Empty Bowls, a meaningful evening of art, food, and social awareness to support the North Kingstown Food Pantry. Students’ PBLs, which explore different facets of poverty through art, community activities, and interdisciplinary research, will be on display. Admission fee for families is a bag of non-perishable items for the North Kingstown Food Pantry. The students have decided to focus the collection on afterschool snacks and items that can be used to make nutritious dinners, but any donations are welcome.

Parents who would like to contribute a refreshment to the event should  CLICK HERE.

Athlete of the Week – Cort Meyerson ’20, Swimming

Cortlandt Meyerson earned a 1st place finish in the 50-yard freestyle at the Read-Watmough meet at Roger Williams University, with a time of 22.02 seconds. This qualifies him for the YMCA National Swimming Championships in April in Greensboro, NC.  He also had ten top-five finishes at the Boston University Winter Carnival, including 1st place in the 1650 yard freestyle and 1st place in the 200-yard butterfly at the Northeastern Winter Championships.

Senior Basketball Games
Join us as we celebrate our senior student athletes.
Boys Basketball – Thursday, February 7 at 5:00 p.m.
Perry Clark, Peter Chen, Tedrick Wilcox, Steven Lora, Mo Danmola, and Jay-Juan Hayes
Girls Basketball – Wednesday, February 13 at 5:00 p.m.

Aviva Beringhause, Ptolemy Tassone, and Johnette Williams

RIIL Leadership Workshop
On January 28th, Tamira Lopes ’21, Davis Lee ’22, Kobe Polley ’20, and Jordan Lanowy ’21 attended the Winter RIIL Leadership Workshop at the URI Ryan Center.

This week, Ben Rosenberg ‘19, and his crew member Sidney Charbonnet, were the youngest competitors in a field of over 500 past Olympic medalists and 2020 Olympic hopefuls in the Hempel Miami World Sailing Cup. The two held their own, with several mid-fleet finishes against the older, more experienced sailors. This event is a prelude to several upcoming events, leading up to the US Youth Championship, and Youth Worlds later this summer.

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