Education Is Love

In The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote that, in the end, “love is the process of my gently leading you back to yourself.”

While Saint-Exupéry didn’t have schools in mind, per se, I have always embraced his comment as my educational motto.

Our mission as educators is not to force students into a pre-determined, Procrustean uniformity.

Each child is a unique contribution to the universe, a sui generis being who has never appeared before and never shall again.

Education, then, is the process of gently leading each child to realize her or his unique quintessence and of nurturing that to the fullest possible actualization.

Education is an act of love.

Jim Tracy is Head of School at Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, RI.

6 thoughts on “Education Is Love

  1. Paul Lannon

    Marvelous and true. Each student is indeed unique and in the words of Emmanuel Levinas, contains an infinity. Woe to the forces of totality!

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