About “Best Schools”

Welcome to “Best Schools.” In this blog, I’ll post thought pieces about the most important current issues and emergent trends in education. I’ll reference the most illuminating books and articles in the field, review key developments in educational technology and ideas, highlight the most promising and innovative pedagogical practices at schools across the country,  and interview or have guest contributions from prominent thought leaders around the world.

My intention is to provide a platform for the most trenchant insights about educating today, in the broadest possible interdisciplinary context, as we strive to forge the Best Schools for a rapidly changing world.

My goal is to provide a one-stop shop for readers to be able to keep abreast of the most important developments, ideas, and thinkers in education at a high level of discourse.

My hope, too, is that I might infuse some valuable insight with my own comments, as well.

I very much welcome your thoughts, feedback,  and suggestions.

James Tracy, Ph.D., Ed.M., MBA
Head of School at Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, RI.