By The Bay Preschool

at Rocky Hill School

April 07, 2017

Next Week’s News! 4/7/2017

Happy sunny Friday!

We continue our look at Spring and animals, moving from the farm to the forest. The books we will reading will include:
“Spring” by Sian Smith
“Woo Who?” by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Sebastian Braun
“Fox and Squirrel” by Ruth Ohi
“About a Bear” by Holly Surplice
National Geographic Kids   Look & Learn  “Bears”
“This Moose Belongs to Me” by Oliver Jeffers
An important message from Nurse Margo:
Dear Parents,
A hearing screening will take place on 4/17/17 at the school. The screenings are provided by the State of Rhode Island Audiology Center. At no cost, the screenings are administered to preschool – grade 3. If you DO NOT want your child screened, please complete the attached form. Also, if your child had an ear infection, drainage, or tubes in the past 8 weeks, please complete the form. A completed form is given to the nurse.
Margo Ott, RN, RICSNT

(401) 884-9070 ext 112

By any chance does anyone need a fish tank? A friend of one of our families has one that is new with gravel, filter, plants, food, water conditioner, slime coat, ph balancer, water test kits, fungus treatment. Its a 10 gal tank no lid. Let me know!
Next Week’s Schedule:
Monday – PE in the gymnasium with Mrs. Wood (don’t forget your sneakers)
Tuesday – Spanish with Senora
Wednesday – Music with Miss Emily and Science with Mr. Wyzga
Thursday – Library with Mrs. Silva (don’t forget your library book)
Friday – NO SCHOOL
Have you turned in your family quilt square? Do you need anything to complete it? Just let me know.
Don’t forget to sign up for Dinner-x-Change. It’s a great way to open the conversation with your kiddos and find out what they did during their day besides play!
We will be closed next Friday, April 14th in honor of Good Friday.
Are you looking for something to contribute to our classroom? Check out our tree in the cubbie room. Remove an apple that has something we need written on it and bring it on in! We are so appreciative of your support.
Classroom Helpers:
Monday – Zoe
Tuesday – Owen
Wednesday – Penny
Thursday – Escher
Friday – NO SCHOOL
Check out our blog!
Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!