By The Bay Preschool

at Rocky Hill School

January 04, 2017

This Week’s News! 1/4/17

Happy 2017 and welcome back! We missed you!

This is a very short note just to keep us all on the same page.
It’s Winter! The books we’ll be reading this week will include:
“Polar Bears” by Melvin and Gilda Berger
“Hush Little Polar Bear” by Jeff Mack
“People in Winter” by Martha E.H. Rustad and Gail Saunders-Smith
Tomorrow morning we officially open our wonderful new playground with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 a.m. If you can make it, we’d LOVE to have you there!
Tomorrow is Library day with Mrs. Silva. Please send your library books in, if you haven’t already.
The Potter League was thrilled with our donation! I can’t thank you enough. While we were there, a sweet dog named Sugar came out for a walk. She walked right over to the Christmas tree, reached into our box and pulled out a chew toy. She plopped herself down and began to work on that chewie! She was very happy!
We are still collecting Box Tops for Education. If you have them, bring them in!
Please make sure your child’s bag has appropriate extra clothing.
Classroom Helpers:
Thursday – Penny
Friday – Zoe
Saturday is Learn! Make! Play! Click here for more details:
Today we sent home Clue Bags! This is the way we do show-n-tell. When it’s your child’s turn, let them choose something to put in the bag. Help them write out 3 clues for their classmates to try and guess what is in the bag. Remind them that it’s a surprise for the other children. We circulate only 2 bags at a time, so please try and be prompt when it is your turn.
In January, our family project is an adult dinner! We pick a night and get together in the Campbell conference room. Each of us brings a dish that is related to our ethnicity. And here’s the best part! Bring your kiddos in their jammies! There will be pizza and a movie in the preschool! In planning this, I need to look at the RHS calendar. I know right away that Tuesday nights are not available. Please let me know of any other night that is a No for your family. How about Wednesday the18th, Monday the 23rd, or Monday the 30th? Let me know!
It’s good to be back!