By The Bay Preschool

at Rocky Hill School

December 02, 2016

Next Week’s News! 12/2/16

Hi all!

Big happenings here is preschool as we get ready for the holidays and winter break!
First of all…our new playground gets started tomorrow!!! The trucks will come in and take out the old structures and move mulch. Then over the next two weeks we will watch our new playground take shape. There are 2 days that we will not be able to be in the classroom. On Tuesday, December 13th and Friday, December 16th, preschool will be in the Blue Room in Perkins. Please drop off there.
The books we will be reading next week include:
“I Know and Old Lady who Swallowed a Dreidel” by Caryn Yacowitz and David Slonim
“Jingle Bells” by Iza Trapani
“Home for Christmas” by Jan Brett
“There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell” by Lucille Colandro and Jared Lee
“A Wish to be a Christmas Tree” by Colleen Monroe and Michael Glann Monroe
On Friday, December 16th we will have a gift exchange. We have swapped names and here is the outcome:

Alexandra has Zoe

Zoe has Ellie

Ellie has Hannah

Hannah has Penelope

Penelope has Elliott

Elliott has Sofia

Sofia has Praneeth

Praneeth has Raina

Raina has Escher

Escher has Alexandra

If you are wondering what each child is interested in, just message me and I’ll send you their list! We will be putting up a sign up sheet for Christmas Party goodies!

Thank you to all who have contributed to our Giving Tree. All of the wonderful things you have brought in will be so helpful to The Potter League! There are more tags. Check it out!

We are writing our letters to Santa. Please be on the lookout. They will be mailed home to you in a RHS envelope with your child’s name above the return address. You child thinks they are going directly to the North Pole, so please be discreet.

Next Week’s Schedule:

Monday we go to the gymnasium for PE with Mrs. Wood (don’t forget your sneakers).

Tuesday Senora comes to us for Spanish.

Wednesday, we visit Miss Emily for Music and Mr. Wyzga for Science.

Thursday, we head off to the Library with Mrs. Silva (remember your Library Book).

Friday it’s back to Miss Emily’s music room!

Our Classroom Helpers next week are

Monday: Penny

Tuesday: Zoe

Wednesday: Escher

Thursday: Sofia

Friday: Raina

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Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!