By The Bay Preschool

at Rocky Hill School

September 06, 2016

Welcome to RHS By The Bay!

Hi everybody!

Welcome to Preschool! Amanda and I are very excited that you will be part of our class this year!  I have LOTS of information to pass along so please read carefully!

Orientation for all students is on Tuesday, September 6th at 8:30 a.m. It will last for an hour or so and it will give your child a chance to take a peek around the classroom, hear a story and start to get comfortable.

School begins on Wednesday, September 7th. Drop off is from 8:00 to 8:10. There are some things your child will need right from the first day. Please label everything!

  • A complete change of clothes. These can be kept in the shoe bag on your child’s hook. Please don’t forget shoes. Gravity is a wonderful thing!
  • A water bottle. Please don’t bring juice. It attracts the ants!
  • Your completed Parent Survey that is being mailed in your child’s packet. This helps us to get to know your kiddo a little better.
  • A nap kit. If your child is staying for a full day, he or she will need a full sized crib sheet and a blanket. A pillow and a lovey are also welcome.
  • An art smock. This can be purchased, or it can be an oversized t-shirt or dress shirt. Make sure to label!
  • A baby picture of your child and a family photo. They will be returned at the end of the year.


We begin our school year thinking about Rules for EveryBODY. The books we will be reading will include:

“My First Day of School” by P.K. Hamilton

“Monsters Love School” by Mike Austin

“Families” by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly

“Llama Llama and the Bully Goat” by Anna Dewdney

We will be having school pictures taken on Friday, September 9th. If this is not your child’s normal day, you may either come in for picture time or you can schedule them privately with Ruth. You can contact her at:

Each day one child is the Classroom Helper. The Classroom Helper acts as the line leader, door holder, clalendar helper, plant waterer, etc. A calendar will be available on the blog and sent home each month so your child will know when it is his or her turn. It will also be included in the weekly newsletter. I may occasionally schedule your child on a day they do not attend school. I try my best, but if that happens, please let me know so I can swap things around! Next week’s Classroom Helpers are:

Wednesday – Zoe

Thursday – Praneeth

Friday – Brian

You will recieve an activity calendar in your child’s packet. This will also be emailed home monthly and always accessible on the blog. In addition to those activities listed, our weekly virtuoso schedule is:

Monday – PE with Mrs Wood (don’t forget your sneakers!)

Tuesday – Spanish with Senora

Wednesday – Music with Miss Emily and Science with Mr. Wyzga

Thursday – Library with Mrs. Silva

Friday – Music with Miss Emily

Your child will take home a Love Note each day. This is a little check list so you have an idea how her or his day went. It is a great way to jump start a conversation about their school day.

Each year, Miss Amanda and I schedule home visits with our families. This short 15 minute visit gives us a chance to see your child where they are most comfortable, and goes a long way in quickly establishing a bond. We will put a sign up sheet on the parent board for all students we have not visited before (and those who would like us to visit again).

Each month you will have the opportunity to order books for your child through Scholastic. These books are a wonderfully inexpensive way to promote your child’s love of reading. You may order online using our classroom code (KP44F) or by returning your order form to me. All books will be shipped to school. Every dollar you spend through Scholastic earns free books and supplies for our classroom! You will find a book order in your child’s cubby. Orders are due on September 15th.

We love our families. And to keep our families playing and creating together we have a monthly Family Project. For September, you will find a wooden letter (the first letter of your child’s name) in your child’s cubby. Please take it home and decorate it as a family. You may use anything you like – paint, photos, stickers, fabric, etc. It should show us a little bit about your family. When it is done, send it in! These letters will hang in a place of honor in our classroom all throughout the year.

Check out our blog! We regularly post calendars, news, recipes, and photos.

I know this is a lot to digest! I will repeat things weekly so don’t feel like you have to remember it all! And I welcome emails and phone calls.

See you soon!